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  1. Again

    nice 69m exp
  2. lil pkingg

    rip fucking scrubs take a seat ez
  3. 99 Slayer

    big grats man never getting that done on my main lmao
  4. real-world grimace struggling, the residuals have been slow GOOD LUCK OUT THERE CHIN UP
  5. 100 more

    today is a day
  6. Overall Clan Ranking 2005-2017

    1. FOE 2. TLP 3.FI 4.WAR 5.MM 345.CT 346.CP when the whole community turned on cp cause they wouldnt stop bringing 30-39 def accounts lul
  7. Easy +1

    I kinda get what ur saying, the ranks etc get a little more serious for weekends they were just asking u to pickup your pace and be in the right worlds n shit as long as ur not trying to leak or bamboozle just focus up and be a little more sober so we know wtf u are saying in these posts