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  1. #bankmade

    damn i hope to see bank like that one day !!
  2. "Bowl of DMT" Progression ~ (Update daily/weekly)

    about 200k from 85 mage
  3. 12/18 PK TRIP L00t Plantation

    nice lootz
  4. favourite pkers back in the day!?

    Elve mage and purple ownz brings back nostalgic memories and kid range
  5. How to make GP from nearly nothing

    Video is broken !
  6. "Bowl of DMT" Progression ~ (Update daily/weekly)

    I will make sure to keep this thread updated!
  7. "Bowl of DMT" Progression ~ (Update daily/weekly)

    Need to level up mining as well but it seems like a pain ..
  8. "Bowl of DMT" Progression ~ (Update daily/weekly)

    Will do & Thank you !
  9. "Bowl of DMT" Progression ~ (Update daily/weekly)

    12/16/2017 Going for 90+ range & 94+ Mage ASAP Need to get around to slayer soon as well !
  10. 12/15/2017 Things I need still : - Firecape -ghost robes -mith gloves -monkey madness
  11. Road to 99 STR

  12. Road to 99 STR

    New Progress !!
  13. Road to 99 STR