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  1. Pet Get

    atleast its not a chaos ele. gz bro
  2. big pks :D:D

    im fried
  3. Clip

    Lol atleast you put on your attack and strength pkers unlike the other 95% of nhers

  5. Expect 9 more of these

    Skiller alert.
  6. The rng is real

    Bless up
  7. It's done. I'm out of this clan

    late happy forum post bday comment.
  8. Farmtality

  9. rip iron pure

  10. Well here it is

    That was peng who died to frame for a glory lol. He has 2 OOs I had 3 0s or something it. Haven't died in about a year now lol
  11. Well here it is

  12. Well here it is

    @Savage Olm BIG shoutout to this dude for taking the time to edit this and listening to all the ideas I had and him making it all come true. Toss a like/comment on the youtube if you enjoyed. Thanks <3 @Seig @Peng @Leathy @Marcus @Marwan @Brian | Sly Waffle @DarKyWarKy @V1ce
  13. ayyy

    When you getting a slay pet
  14. im back

    Ayo welcome back
  15. Pk Clips

    tossed ya a like and comment on youtube