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  1. Dimitri

    58 lvls til max total pure etc

    Huge gainz cookie
  2. Dimitri

    the grind is over

  3. Dimitri

    Fello's Intro!

    Welcome mate
  4. Dimitri

    Welcome Back

    that's what happens when you pipe up to teh almighty fatality
  5. Dimitri

    What famous person have you met?

    My friend is dj Sandro Silva and i know (was a gfriend back in the day untill she moved to NY)) victoria’s angel Romee Strijdt. I’ve met Ronaldinho in Spain and some other Dutch soccer players and dj’s.
  6. Dimitri


  7. everyones welcome to grab some chicken and waffles in tyrones house of chicken and waffles on discord 10$ a waffle 60$ a chicken

  8. Dimitri

    Do yall still got your HPC accounts?

    Nope i domt have 1, but can make 1 of my pures into a hpc if needed