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  1. Hell yeah, i love the topics @Elve <3
  2. Petality

    Not my fav1, but my first pet on this acc.
  3. i did it

    Damn goed bezig ouwe!
  4. I'm Back

    Osbuddy, im using the pro version
  5. Waiting for the vid. Someone said he vidded the fights, loots etc.
  6. I'm Back

    S/o to the people that helped me to rebuild this old 2def account since my 1def got compromised: @Schweden @Whisky @Brian | Sly Waffle Just need to do a few quests/stats for: Ancient Mace Leaf bladed Axe Castle wars top/halo Next 99 goals are: Mage Hitpoints Farming (19k xp off 97) Now:
  7. 1k BTW

    gratzzz <3
  8. 95!

    Gratz Zlatan!
  9. Account #2

  10. 1 Defence Quests and Tasks

    Thanks for the list! @Schweden you can now get all quest points on your main mylie
  11. Joined the def squad btw btw btw

    Famainity now bro