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  1. hai

    @V1ce cause i cant do anything on fourms expect for makes topics here i cant send messages and stuff, thats why its so hard to talk to people cause they wont add me on discord or anthing, @Stigi long story but i ended up leaveing casuei didnt want to nolife my account to get 90 str like they wanted me to, then i left the clan quit the pure and played my main while on main, people were saying that i was telling people not to join fi, and that i was in other clans, making scouts with names like maliomar and mailomar and maiiomar and shit , i have 2 accounts i have no reason to scout, leak or anything, and if i did i wouldent do it to the only clan ive even been in
  2. hai

    @Elve i left, i got banned cause people like to talk shit and what not, saying i joined other clans like misfits and shit, anyone can see the apps on there i have not posted on it, people also sayed that i was telling people not to join fi after levveing, but it annoys me, i have not joined another clan expect fi, but if fi does not want me i will join a clan and no not the big ones i dont like the big ones, i like small so you can get to know people but its what ever, i only made this fourm post casuse last weekends trip i was told i can rejoin, i was told to get on discord and go to the trip was told to tralk to the people earn the trust back, but i cant do that casue of the removing of cc and discord this post was to see if ranks were unbanning me, i was told that i would beable to rejoin id just have to hit the requirements, 90 str
  3. hai

    @Whisky @Freryd2lumby so i posted last week asking to get unbanned alot of pople said give me seconds chance and stuff, so im just woundering if anything is heppening will i get unbanned from cc and discord? i havent heared from any ranks, i cant really go in cc to ask and stuff just let me know
  4. Unbanning Mallomar

    @0bbyx @Brian | Sly Waffle i did not join misfits, i did not join any-other clan on my pure when i left here, i am a man a of word, i said i wouldn't join another clan when i left my massage saying i was leaving after i left fatality i finished out my mem then put everything on my main and did that for like 4 months. please get proof before you assume i joined the most shit clan in rs, i mean who the fuck joins misfits
  5. Unbanning Mallomar

    @V1ce add me on discord, Mallomar@8619 i cant really talk to people to talk casue im banned from discord still aswell as the cc so i dont know if you can do anything but i guess kenny was looking into it but its been days sense i have header anything back
  6. Unbanning Mallomar

    @Seig ofc i remember you
  7. Unbanning Mallomar

    @Conway i cant do that casue not only am i banned on discord but i am banned in fatalitys cc aswell, i now have the perfect job for myself, for the nest month ill be training 10am-630pm weekends off, then after the first month ill always have sunday monday off
  8. Unbanning Mallomar

    @Freryd2lumby i cant show anything if i cant talk to people or even have acess to discord, but it wasent just cause you were raising the requirements, i was going to get str done via slayer, and not wanting to spend anytime i played the game at nmz or sand crabs to just to afk the xp, i wanted to have decent slayer by the time my account was maxed. and the "outburst" was casue no matter what i did i was getting flammed, even if i just spend 10 hours+ in nmz it still wasnt goodenough, but as i told people the other day, i will only apply once i have the 90 str to hit the requirements, untill then will take me a week or so with my new work, ill hangout and regain the trust of the fatalityans. also about attending events, i worked second shift 2-10pm so with that i could hardly ever attend, and there was never one time i was on and didnt go, if anyone remebers i was always down to pk, so me not attending a weekend trip sucked casue thats the most free loot there is with misfits planking to us and stuff, if you want freryd i can talk with you more 1 on 1.
  9. Unbanning Mallomar

    @Merk i have no idea what you mean by fucking you over what did i do?
  10. Unbanning Mallomar

    @ranks i was talking to a few people yesterday trying to re app, and before i do so i need to get unabnned from fatality cc, aswell as my discord unbanned from the discord, the discord user is Mallomar#8619 i am in the workling of getting 90 str so i have the new requirements.
  11. .

    @V1ce dude i tryed to message you right away but i cant sent messages, and i yeah i kicked you just to mess with you, at the time i didnt know you were mad/didnt like me do i didnt think anytthing of it, i try talking to people about why i left and why im not in eop or what ever fucking clan makes the fake mailomar accounts like maliomar maiiomar, i have my pure and my main that i play on, mains name is mallomar pures name is mallomar jr only 2 accounts, i have no reason to scout agenst fatality i said id never join another clan cause if i ever came back to my pure id only rejoin fatality and joining a diffrent clan would make it so i woulnt beable to
  12. .

    @V1ce dude i dont know why you think i left fatality to join eop, the person that did that was distrubing i have not played my pure in ages i have no reason to join a clan that only has numbers but the kids are shit. please stop flamming me.
  13. To let you know

    @everyone well im getting off for the night, for all you hatters @tomelis hate me becasue you are not me
  14. To let you know

    @Scent if you google it you might have had it before, there more common in the south not sure where you are from, my pro pic is a pic of it
  15. To let you know

    @tomelisi love the fact that you had to bo back and change your message lol, i may be clanless but atleast im not clueless