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  1. im so done rn

    thats crazy you going for pet? or already have?
  2. what is the "safest" bot to use out there

    whats your rsn? just woundering trust me im not going to report you >:)
  3. Dont know much, after help

    i spent 900 on mine and it can run any game at the max settings, not sure what you do outside of runescape but if your not a hardcore gamer then you shouldnt need more then a 800$ one
  4. Loot off 50 wild slayer tasks

    @Alcoholic umm not sure like 3 weeks i think or so, there are so many quick tasks, and if you use cannon the ones that are longer get sped up, but wild slayer is mainly ment for points, you dont get alot of good tasks or good slayer xp tasks