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  1. 9

    Niceeee one more homie! Only 3.6m combat exp to go!
  2. 98

    grats homie
  3. Marwan's rune pouch shop.

    gl dudeeee
  4. Bow to your messiah

    Thanks boys! 140m and countless hours of one-ticking bones paid off!
  5. Bow to your messiah

    We made it boys!
  6. Champloos another nh sesh

    Always a fan of your nh videos homie, your hybrid skills are good and it's nice to see you fighting some familiar faces and doing work!
  7. XXL Freshman Class

    I like Carti and A Boogie, the rest are meh... X has a buzz but I don't think he will keep it and to be completely honest his music is dogshit. Overall it's probably the shittiest freshman class to date.
  8. Join FI to keep your return sets, you've been warned
  9. Misfits - Little bitches Part 2

    Can't wait to get another free staff of the dead!
  10. @Mistfits Members

    Might as well take the offer so you guys can buy returns since we cleaned you last night
  11. Mace

    Good shit man, you're getting there!
  12. Was easier than double fisting fidget spinners
  13. Fatality kills misfits

    FREE $MOKE THX MISFITS plus brews, plus restores, plus runes, plus 75m at the arena right before hahahahaha