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  2. Fi baby

  3. Let's do this!

    grats fellas
  4. sorry couldnt nake ..
  5. 11 Years of Free to Play.

    ready to gwas eop tmrw
  6. Finally

    wat def lvl u need
  7. Recruiting :D

  8. World 49

  9. Today we massed around 20 members with big ol nuts to find some action after our awesome prep vs doom. Later peaking at 29 we got a fabulous return fight with misfits clearing them in .5 the first time "thought" they weren't going to return, but got another hit on them and then began our fight. With misfits being so easy to fight because of how fast they get in clumps We concluded our win after clearing misfits multiple times, giving them brief return sessions so that the fight can last longer, until towards the end they resorted to apex sniping our returners and sniping our members from behind. Thanks for the action bwian Eop again, no mid week's Lol sorry for the misfit members who thought they can pipe up to fatality. Video's / Pictures @Nick
  10. Halo