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  1. 1-30 defence - Vote

    Wait what!
  2. 1-30 defence - Vote

    I want 39 for crystal hally yo. Plus my RS char would look hot in 3a mage.
  3. I am a wizard

    Is right lad, account lookin stronk.
  4. WeirdoJr's Intro

    Welcome to the forums dude.
  5. Salvo's introduction

    Welcome man, that last bit of the HP grind is a pain GL with it!
  6. Crusher intro

    Welcome man I remember you from Rage
  7. Cluel3ss

    Welcome to the forums
  8. Art_Vandelay

  9. 2ndch4nce INTRO

    Welcome to the forums ^^
  10. Call me Lara Croft

    Big massive triangular ones!
  11. Loot from 500 Zulus

    Money snake coming in clutch, got to the point where you only die because you zone out and forget to eat yet? Also big tip, replace your tunic with a dbow and use it for the last hit on every blue phase. It can knock 30 seconds off your kill times pretty consistently. I've also managed to cut times down on a pure by using vulnerability for the first hit when you go in to lower it's defense, makes up for the lack of range bonus as a pure.
  12. @DDOS No cahoots I promise although you will be happy to know @Winzee lost that maul to chaos ele lol.