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  1. Broken Wrist

    Dammnnn that accounts looking sick.
  2. 98 farmtality

    How many days doing tree runs is it to finish from 99? Wish I had the patience to do it, farming cape is pretty sick ^^
  3. holy shit

    Holy fuck how long did it take them to kill the power, looked like GTA physics when that one group got thrown off.
  4. Like 2 mins of TB'd no food pneck camping, didn't have time to loot more food with all the clumps lol, bringing blood barrage next time.
  5. Loot pic

    Scumbag deserved to get slapped lol. Gz
  6. Lmao top work, I can't wait for MF's next anniversary trip. Bank to made selling black(g) hats and then killing them to get them back haha.
  7. Lol I got one whilst chinning the other day and got to use the fruit to cure my poison ^^
  8. The rng is real

    I've always wondered what they use as an RNG seed for RS drops although I doubt it would be abusable without it being known by now. Remember when they used your IP address to assign PID and all the stakers would sit there resetting their router til they got the lowest they could for the slight advantage lol.
  9. The designs they showed on the stream look pretty sick for a quick mockup too. Let's hope I won't have to bot dungeoneering and ruin a pure due to bot malfunction to get one
  10. Fashionscape

  11. Fatality Gets Corp Pet???

    Where's the pic of me getting gimped? lol
  12. AGS PK - Rev Caves

    Raining AGS's for FI lol.
  13. 2.10 F2P PK TRIP - PICS

    Edit: My excuse for K/D is my mate used to use this acc to scout dark crabs
  14. vote yes for more castle wars tickets!

    There's legit people complaining that their 5k+ Cw tickets are going to be worthless now.........