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  1. Hey so backstory: i wanted to stake through poems. watched every stake, told him amounts to stake. they were 10m(loss), 10m(win), 5mil(win) 10m(win), 15mil(win). when i asked to cash out poems logged off, then later gave me back 25mil of the 50mil (20mil in initial cash + 30mil in winnings). was later told by Fi Merk to pay me back the full 50, he wanted to get back in cc but was broke, so i told him i'd tell ranks that he had. Pic included is relevant to that last bit.
  2. Offering Questing Services

    lmfao @Acid. im bad at apping i guess 0 for 2 now. Harley offered to help though
  3. Offering Questing Services

    I mean i've apped twice, my app was just denied for various reasons. I'm talking to 0bbyx about helping me do it right the next time I do app, just trying to get enough cash together for a decent return tab. Plus I mean I've helped out 0bbyx and Jons and they're both ranks. If you still don't trust me that's fine I get it, I've been burned personally by randoms in cc and a couple on TS for 100mil+
  4. Offering Questing Services

    Peng you already have bank though i'm tryna afford a pk tab :x
  5. Offering Questing Services

    Oh awesome. Fazey acid and droopy all gone?
  6. Willing to do any pure questing as long as you have stats, will also do main questing for certain quests as long as I have done them before. Poke me in TS if interested or send forum message. If ranked can pay upon completion, otherwise please be prepared to pay at least half up front. Prices: Mith Gloves (and all pre-req quests): 8mil Desert Treasure: 5 mil, Desert Treasure + Prereqs 8mil Ancient Mace (and pre-reqs) 8mil Miths + Mace + Ancients sooper saver package: 20mil NMZ quests - 7mil Monkey Madness 1: (up to unlocking sigil or to completion) 7mil w/ protection prays 10mil w/o Vouches: @Stackings @Jons @Marwan @Smite @0bbyx @Juicy
  7. Selling Rune Pouches (t7s/t10s)

    Vouch - He was even willing to help me get a t9 emblem on my lvl 3 skiller.
  8. Based Winertodt RNG

    24 killcount full gear at wt
  9. aight, get at me in game on any of my accounts, or poke on ts, or shoot me a pm here.
  10. Sup guys, for those of you that have seen my app, it's pretty shitty. mostly because funds. So, in order to finance my pk tabs, offering services. Doing Halos/Tops at castlewars as well as any quests for pures or mains as long as you have requirements. Prices: Castle Wars: Halos are 10m, Tops 4mil Common Quests Mithril gloves (including all pre-quests) 5mil (10 mil to get prereq skills as well as quests) Desert Treasure: 5mil Fairy Rings: 5mil Lunar Diplomacy: 5mil Biohazard/Plague City/Underground Pass: 6mil Regicide + Roving Elves: 6mil Will do any other quests as well, prices negotiable Vouches: @Miguel : 280tickets castle wars @Fazey : Questing (x2) @Acid : Questing @Droopy : Questing
  11. Discount Chinese Knock-off Halos

    First off, to the people tempted to use me - do it you won't regret it Second, to those that still don't trust me, all I can say is fair 'nuff, lemme know if you change your mind.
  12. Hey guys what's up - as I'm sure we're all aware a poll just passed (or will very soon pass) lowering the cost of a halo in cwars from 300 tickets to fuckin' 80. So I'm offering to grind those 80 tickets for you for 10mil, and will also do tops (now 20 tickets iirc) for 2.5mil. If you want just one hundred tickets to buy both, 12mil for the lot. Miguel can vouch that I did 380 tickets for him in 3 days, so obviously I've have a much faster turnover for these. Either message me on forums or poke me in TS if interested.
  13. Castle Wars Halos and Tops

    Yeah i'm not too fussed don't worry about it. Hoping someone willing to give me a shot, then from there can prove to more people i'm legitimately tryna join the community. First person to trust me get's half off?
  14. Castle Wars Halos and Tops

    Ahahahaha. Well i sold 10 twitch codes to members of fi, other thing too is that I'm providing the service then being paid after. Like I said working on getting vouches Also funny af that a nigerian prince is the one pointing this out