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  1. #feelsgoodman Maxed Cb & Str 97

    d scim training REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE @XGRX stop putting this onto the members PLEASE
  2. bank loot XD #hg

  3. bank loot XD #hg

    i'm here for +1
  4. bank loot XD #hg

    no care about you lol
  5. bank loot XD #hg

    if it helps you sleep at night lol
  6. bank loot XD #hg

    imagine wanting someone to care about not being off lol
  7. bank loot XD #hg

    imagine someone caring about peng doesn't off l0l
  8. bank loot XD #hg

    imagine asking why i'm here when you keep tagging me did you not learn before when i called you retarded and say there's a notification system? :/
  9. bank loot XD #hg

    ah i see why you want to me to call you daddy now, you have this other retard @Seig calling you it eh
  10. @Josh @Couck @Anqi @jons @Garble @Champloos @Tim @XGRX good people i love you all @Lee @Kenny @iHardcore @Voke @Marwan @X jen selter
  11. bank loot XD #hg

    nah, i'm sure everyone has seen you die to 4szs and houdini a lot of times so i don't really have to link them
  12. bank loot XD #hg

    status update
  13. bank loot XD #hg

    ? did you not die how many times for max again? l0l
  14. bank loot XD #hg

    lol just because @V1ce is another dumb brit who thinks he knows what to do in clanwars speaks up i mean if 1 person is enough to be a crowd for you nvm i expect it for you i guess