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  1. Thebaby123 broken btw #vatos

    ty for claws gg
  2. buying

    gl buying! im also buying for 1$ per mill as i staked my whole bank gg pm me on ts any time!
  3. When you're too gangsta for society

    found c0uck
  4. I Cant Even!

    To all your friends that play games on mac's please send them this.
  5. King bee your a Pig! and a liar! Please Show Your Support. As i am the new leader of the Aus Squad!
  6. Zezima

    no u nub
  7. 90s

    gz! xp per hour at sand crabs ?
  8. lost

  9. Naughty Naughty, Very Nice!

    nuh your pc is bugged
  10. Coming along nicely!
  11. King bee's dad

  12. No Xp Waste.

    Saw This on Facebook haha Who else dose this lads ?
  13. I am nrangerman5000 now

    gzz bee
  14. 88 & 99

    gzz bruh!