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  1. Thebaby123 broken btw #vatos

    ty for claws gg
  2. buying

    gl buying! im also buying for 1$ per mill as i staked my whole bank gg pm me on ts any time!
  3. I Cant Even!

    To all your friends that play games on mac's please send them this.
  4. King bee your a Pig! and a liar! Please Show Your Support. As i am the new leader of the Aus Squad!
  5. Zezima

    no u nub
  6. 90s

    gz! xp per hour at sand crabs ?
  7. lost

  8. Naughty Naughty, Very Nice!

    nuh your pc is bugged
  9. Coming along nicely!
  10. No Xp Waste.

    Saw This on Facebook haha Who else dose this lads ?
  11. YVNG TR4P's App

    Welcome Sir!
  12. B4RR4GE Intro