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  1. Teleblock

    Zybez closes.

    bye zybez!
  2. Teleblock

    Stepped in shit every weekend...

  3. Teleblock


  4. 2 invys to 1 with food leftover for any bee followers pretty much demoralised I say tell him to start a skiller
  5. Teleblock

    the big sevenzero

    is it a bird is is it a plane faster than a speeding bullet!
  6. Teleblock

    hood naruto

    full on gang shit fr
  7. Teleblock

    sixnine + complete set

    skillr btw @Schweden btw btw thats my officer
  8. lol if ur in misfits just kys otherwise if you got skills apps are open

  9. Teleblock

    Misfits teamspeak leak #11

    no couck no fi fuck bees yall know that be facts
  10. fi on my dick

  11. Teleblock

    Friday - 3 Hour Loot Feast Trip.

    was ez clears
  12. Teleblock

    set up

  13. Teleblock

    Promotions !!

    gz brother @Ranqe 1