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  1. fat loots init nightshift btw
  2. Lmao

  3. 99 Farmtality

    grats kevo you gem
  4. 99 Wizardry

    grats less splashes
  5. titan incoming.

    Nightshifts warlord
  6. Biggest PK so far

    Smoked lol full dragon thats classic, few years ago you woulda been a god with that
  7. hey

  8. Small stream clip vid before new vid

    Good clicks
  9. gains 2day

  10. My harpoon went stronk.

    Wow @Wsuo you got him for complete bank loot!
  11. 98 Hat Skill

    big ol b00ty
  12. A Quiet Place

  13. Talk sh*t, get hit.

    This cmb bracket is so gnarly im glad im not in it