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  1. REVS - 10M P/H - EASY GUIDE

    Ahh yes vice is retiring from pvp and going to pvm
  2. 97 HP

    Good shit dude. I'm 98 myself I need to max already >>
  3. Corrupt a Wish.

    Granted. But you died on your cruise to the Caribbean with both of your wives. I wish I had a better paying job
  4. Corrupt a Wish.

    Granted. But bday steals your lunch money everytime. I wish I had a max cape.
  5. Pray 4 Me :(

    Damn that sucks man. GL getting it back
  6. Throw Back

  7. Buying GP

    yo we have a gold seller bro look at the banner
  8. Cookie Jar

    Very niceee
  9. Died once for like roughly 300k loot but this is the tab. Also its extremely packed. Easily could be 5m or more a hour if its not crowded. I highly feel this is going to be nerfed soon so farm this place while you still can. Easy bond money. My setup (addy darts) and I killed the dark beast / org / goblin under 30 wilderness. Imagine what we could make if we farm world 69 as a clan with anti-pk gear cause this is extremely easy.
  10. test

    @Council @BIGTREVOR
  11. test

  12. Cookie ain't got shit on ya boy

    fu 75-99 wc without one D: