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  1. Is it time to dust off the Elder Maul? 

  2. Conway

    Bow before him, he is coming

  3. Conway

    Why you should vote me for best memer

    When the time was relevant and I put in hours of shitty video editing service after the last awards and when Kenny still hasn't paid me his portion for me renting vegas
  4. Heres a link to the topic for ya ty your support is appreciated https://clan-fi.org/topic/78542-fatality-summer-awards-2018-voting/
  5. Conway

    Juicy intro

  6. Conway

    The Final Stretch

    I did Ardy course for 88-90 with Summer pies, but returned to Seers for 90 Agility and 90+ all stats I'll probably get 99 slayer next, followed by fishing and then just go back and forth with the final 3 (Hunter, Agility, Mining) for variety. But before I do more skilling I'm going to take a Raids 2 break and make some GP.
  7. Conway

    Promotions !!

    Grats everyone!
  8. Conway

    12 days

  9. Conway

    MOTM July

    gz kiki
  10. Honestly, this new site skin is sick.  

    1. Fuh My Life

      Fuh My Life

      Definitely a job well done! Banner is amazing!

    2. tomelis
  11. Conway

    7/29 P2P Trip pic dump

    caught a 5man mf clump and killed 3 Cx
  12. Conway

    Raids 2

    all good, grats guys I knew something would happen after I left