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  1. No troll I joined Fatailtiy the day Fatality went back to 1 def
  2. Goodbye 1 defence 15-25 def on guards. (No will to later become a zerker and cba to get technical with the account with small unnecessary quests/diaries imo) Hello 25! It's time to dive into this new era of clanning. Get 25 Def TODAY #107Combat I swear to god if anyone flames me for not being maxed in 2020
  3. Gotta fight memes with memes
  4. standing up cause I have a tendon tear in my wrist don't judge
  5. *kept getting blocked worldwide by Disney on YouTube so used Vimeo
  6. edit: Didn't know @Steve was a old man too. BUT WELCOME BACK MAN MAKE THIS CLAN PROUD BABY
  7. 4f0ede70e5c0bc1980241e4108988bc6.png.b4a199601153f581de4e591184cd3dd9.png


    Tsk. Tsk. You shouldn't of done this @Resistance.  You want a war you got one

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