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  1. ah yes

    damn thats big gz
  2. Is this gay ?

    yes magic your gay
  3. thoughts?

    Oh shit. Jacmob is on that project. From creating botting scripts, to working for jagex / osbuddy, to this.
  4. Misfits ur next on the list

    rip misfits
  5. hello bois

    Welcome back
  6. oof

    When you are 50+ Raids dry and get a Dragon Sword
  7. oof

    When Kenny loses another Ballista
  8. oof

    When vice clicks the portal
  9. oof

    When you drop 14 kills in Fortnite and die by a bush camper that had no kills
  10. oof

    When you have a sick first pile tank and drag away but still lose the round
  11. sloppy but will still outbuild all of you

    I wanna build fight you
  12. yo