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    @Tyendinaga @Kenny @Blissful @V1ce
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    gz 6m is 6m
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    I will always love you bday
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    Lets goooo

    4100 herbi KC pet at 1400
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    I was here
  8. Seriously dude lol? It's about the content/music in the video not whether or not there is any pussy in the audience.
  9. For whatever reason this was in my recommended for YouTube. Gave it a shot and I just thought it was worth a share. Cause now I'm watching a bunch of battles and I'm having a good time y'all. This shit is wild
  10. Conway

    Fatality pk Video?

    if you are trying to make a video that involves the whole clan I wish you good luck. It's hard and people have to have clips, pics, etc. I tried to do it once 2 years ago (Wtf, 2 years ago..) and i ended up scrapping it as I had NO IDEA what direction I was going in my video lmao. Wanted to throw in peoples achievements, drops, pks, etc. for the month and make it into a monthly thing but it ended up being to all over the place pretty much and ya
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    Need someone who can edit gifs

    how did you make it smaller?
  12. Conway

    Need someone who can edit gifs

    @Brent @NOT2bFKedWIT @XGRX vote me best memer kthx (Made it from scratch) also unsure how to make it smaller. this is the one when i tried to render my video in the orginal 350x197 pixel rate gfycat.com/ necessarygrizzledconure this is the one in 1920x1080 when i rendered and uploaded
  13. It's been awhile since I've uploaded any POV footage, and since it was our anniversary (and I'm not "as" rusty at the game anymore) I decided to give it a shot again today. I wanted to capture more than just our fights. I wanted to capture the wholesome Fatality moments, raw fight audio, the clan spams, the funny teamspeak moments, and just add my own little memey twists. Hope y'all enjoy. #13YearsOfFatality