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  1. That vid is gonna be good.. elder last week AGS today
  2. Ah yes get 41 mine for Raids
  4. Spec was 37-37 btw Now to do 95-99 Magic through NMZ
  5. With the release of the "Extra Events" Fatality will be doing; we are eventually bound to kick start some 1 Defense Raids along with other bossing events in the near future. This guide will be focused on Raids. How to get there, what gear you should bring, what stats you should have, etc. If you don't have a main, have never been to raids before, this guide will be perfect for you for when we do go to Raids! *probably next week! Stat and Skill Requirements 41+ WoodCutting 41+ Mining 43+ Prayer 53+ Thieving 50+ Firemaking Other stats that would be nice to have, but not necessary as only a few people would need to have this. 78+ Herblore 55+ Farming High HP 52+ Prayer How to get to Raids Start off by getting the following in your inventory. -Skills Necklace (Charged) -2 Stamina Potions -Anti Poison -Around 5-10 Food 1.) Teleport to the Woodcutting Guild with your Skills Necklace. -Run South and follow the path until you hit the Battle Grounds. Once you hit the Battle Grounds (where the X is located) you will need to do the following -Use your Anti Poison potion -Pray Range -Follow this path down below Once arriving to Raids (About a 4 minute run start to finish) ... TALK TO THE MOUNTAIN GUIDE NEXT TO RAIDS Once talking to the Mountain Guide you will unlock a Fast Travel option at the beginning of the battle grounds that will cut the traveling to raids IN HALF if you plan on returning to Raids in the future! This is what the NPC it will look like once you unlock the option. What gear should I use? Budget Gear and Inventory (Not recommended) Advanced Gear and Inventory Alpha Gear and Inventory In your Rune Pouch have WATER STRIKE runes or runes for Barrage. Preferably though, have Water Strike (For olms Flame attack) In your bank, have a Obby or Elder Maul for when we scout Tekton You can replace Antidote++ for Sanfew potion (Just more expensive, but more prayer!) If you have the mining/woodcutting level bring Dragon axe/pic If you are even more experienced, take away a brew and bring a Salve Amulet(e) for Mages room. How to Fight the Bosses! Tekton Tekton has high defense and most weapons will not hit through him. However, Tektons crush def is VERY low. This is why Obby/Elder Mauls will be our weapon of choice while fighting Tekton. The strategy to killing this boss is getting it's defense down low with a BGS / Dragon Warhammer and then dodging it's attack by running back and forth with our mauls. Ice Demon The Ice Demon is a fairly easy boss to defeat. However, you need to chop down trees for logs, aka "Kindling", before we can attack this boss. Start by cutting down the trees in the room and deposit the logs into the shared chest. Once we have enough logs, we will light up the fire pits, melting the boss. Once the boss is melted, we will Pray Range and fight the boss with Range/Blowpipe. Stay at least 3-5 tiles away from the boss and dodge his rock attacks by either moving left or right 2 tiles. Muttadiles Muttadiles are another fairly easy boss to kill. You start off by Praying Range and staying out of Melee range of the boss. Since the bosses melee at anytime can hit a 99 max. Attack the boss with Range/Blowpipe. In the middle of the fight the boss will try to heal itself by eating off the "Meat Tree". Usually, we let the boss heal so we can get more Raids points. But you can attempt to barrage the boss so it doesn't heal off the tree. Once we kill the first Muttadile, a bigger version of Couck comes out and attacks. Repeat the process above and the boss will die easily. Vasa/Vespula/Vanguards Nope. We skip these bosses. Fuck that on 1 Def and/or just in general. Demi-Bosses/Puzzle Rooms Honestly they are too easy and don't require a guide. Odds are you will be Raiding with someone who knows what they are doing and they will be showing you what to do. Scavenging Raids Supplies By killing the Scavengers (The green alien looking things) they will drop random skilling supplies Planks for the shared bank Mushrooms for the Restores Endarkened Juice for the Brews Cicley for the Prayer Renewals The Great Olm (Final Boss) Combat Lvl 1043 Inventory -Full Mage Gear/Switch -Range gear (Blowpipe only, no acb) -Elder Maul or D Scim -Dragon Warhammer or BGS -Rune Pouch with WATER STRIKE 4-5 Raid Restores 1 Prayer Renewal dose Rest of inventory filled with Raid Brews Olm Mechanics Flame If you are surrounded by a wall of fire you have roughly 5-6 seconds to escape before you are hit with 60+ damage How to Escape You or someone near you needs to use a Water Spell (Not Ancients) on the flame and escape within this time period Floor Crystals Every so often green Crystals will appear at your feet and will damage you 30+ if you do not move in 3-4 seconds How to Escape Click on the tile next to your character that does not have the crystals Orbs Olm will sometimes throw orbs that will smite your prayer as well as hit you for high damage. There are 3 types of orbs that can be thrown at you. A red orb (melee), a green orb (range), and a blue orb (mage) How to Prevent Pray the color orb Olm throws at you to prevent the damage. Also, your chatbox will light up with text that represents the color orb Olm is throwing at you Partner Pairing Your character will be given a color as well as a random team mate. You will be given 5-7 seconds to get together before you take damage. For EACH tile you 2 are apart, you will take 5 damage How to Prevent You and your partner will need to stand on the same tile together. Overhead Spikes Your character will have a red glow and spikes will constantly attack you for 15-20 damage rapidly. How to Escape Walk around the room away from other players and focus on not stopping until the effect fades away. Acid Same as Overhead spikes, but your charcter will have a green glow, damages you slightly less, and poisons you lightly. How to escape Walk around the room away from other players and focus on not stopping until the effect fades away. Burn with me! (Aids) Your character will become temporary "Sick" and will be dealt 5 damage every 8-10 seconds. You can also spread your sickness if you stand within 1 tile range of a teammate. How to Prevent Well.. you can't. You will have to tank it out and stay away from other players so the sickness doesn't spread. Entering The Great Olms Room Phase 1 & 2 The strategy behind these 2 waves it to just simply kill both of the Olms hands. 1.) When you enter the room use your BGS or Dragon Warhammer on the melee hand. 2.) Half of the group will separate. Half will attack the Magic Hand and the other will stay on melee. The Melee hand will eventually cripple. Which is VERY important because Olm will stop throwing out extra attacks while crippled. 3.) Kill both hands while switching your prayers from range and mage and by watching out for the floor crystal attack! 4.) When either hand dies the other team will help with the opposite hand. 5.) When both hands die zoom your camera angle out so you can see the falling crystals better and to avoid being hit by them. Repeat steps above for phase 2. Phase 3 (Glowing Head) This phase is the same as the above phases. With a catch. You will need to KILL BOTH HANDS AT NEARLY THE SAME TIME. *** If either hand heals to full before you manage to kill both hands.. Phase 3 will RESTART. *** So it is important to communicate with each other on how much health each hand has. Phase 4 (Head Phase) 1.) Switch to your range gear 2.) Adjust your camera angle so you can see falling crystals 3.) Attack the head! 4.) Watch out for the pools. If you see a blue circle you need to STAND ON TOP of that tile! The pools are what heal Olm. Once we kill the head the Raid is over! and with any luck we will receive a highly priced item.. Like a Twisted Bow! Understanding The Drop Table For every 7,125 total points obtained, a 1% chance to obtain a unique loot is given. This chance is capped at 80%, thus remaining points are spent toward the next roll. For example, a team who possesses 1,068,750 points in total has an 80% chance to receive a unique loot, and then a 70% chance to obtain a second unique loot. There is an overall cap of three unique loots per raid. If no unique loot is obtained, random resources are chosen, with the player's points determining the quantity of the items they obtain. If a unique loot is chosen, a weighting system is used to determine which player receives it. For example, a player who has 90,000 points is twice more likely to receive the unique loot than a player who has 45,000 points. Once the game has chosen which player will receive the unique loot, an item is chosen from the table. The higher the weighting, the more likely a player will receive that item. So try not to die. If you have ANY further questions that were not discussed in this thread feel free to drop a post down below or ask anyone in the Raiding channel on Teamspeak. *Disclaimer: I'm like 91% sure the gear used in this in this guide is correct/best for pures