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  1. Conway

    Corp gang drop log

  2. If anyone has Twitch Prime you can redeem a Free 14-days RS membership right now1hunna

    1. Doc


      gp prices went down cuz of this shit fuck sake 

    2. Conway


      I don't think its related as it costs money to have Twitch Prime?

  3. Conway


  4. Conway


  5. Hope everyone is doing well 🖐️

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    2. Marwan


      @Conway you know what time brother


    3. Marwan


      its fucking time my love

    4. V1ce


      marwan said it!

  6. Conway

    What started it all for most of us.

    refering that this happened for a breif time in 2014. So it was kinda recent. But I personally am refering to early 2003-2005 days
  7. PKing like this. The good ole days. Teaming with random people. Fire Striking / Earth bolting every person you see. Wearing matching clothing. Forming short-term teams with random people to hunt other people doing the same thing. Having not a care in the world. I miss this era. And this video was from the very first osrs f2p trial back in 2014.
  8. Is it time to dust off the Elder Maul? 

  9. Conway

    Bow before him, he is coming

  10. Conway

    Why you should vote me for best memer

    When the time was relevant and I put in hours of shitty video editing service after the last awards and when Kenny still hasn't paid me his portion for me renting vegas
  11. Heres a link to the topic for ya ty your support is appreciated https://clan-fi.org/topic/78542-fatality-summer-awards-2018-voting/
  12. Conway

    Juicy intro

  13. Conway

    The Final Stretch

    I did Ardy course for 88-90 with Summer pies, but returned to Seers for 90 Agility and 90+ all stats I'll probably get 99 slayer next, followed by fishing and then just go back and forth with the final 3 (Hunter, Agility, Mining) for variety. But before I do more skilling I'm going to take a Raids 2 break and make some GP.
  14. Conway

    Promotions !!

    Grats everyone!