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  1. Corrupt a Wish.

    Granted but you would never have time alone again I wish I had an olympic gold medal
  2. 1 more to go

    gratti baby
  3. on the pure

  4. Grinding

    you can still visit him
  5. Slay is life

    Big devilslayer
  6. Hildaskiller1993

    It’s Hildaskiller1974 for you
  7. 50 More

    50 more
  8. yo im buns

    About fucking time
  9. 5k

    Cute number
  10. 2018 Anime ur looking out for?

    I’m looking out for @Lee so his anime genes won’t fully blossom
  11. Sly waffle for l3ader

  12. yagmiyagmi

    You should train the rest of your stats too
  13. 2018 Promotions

    Congrats @Lee bby