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  1. Kieran

    baby pure

    big ol baby
  2. Kieran

    big dick acc

    Good stuff
  3. Kieran

    20 Def Achieved

    Big boi
  4. Kieran

    Queenabella Introductions

  5. Kieran

    Stance on Third Party Clients

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll continue using Runelite because they can't ban us all
  6. Kieran

    Pk Trip

    Looked fun
  7. Kieran

    new bmx bike

    Nice bro
  8. Kieran

    lmao workin mcdonalds like 10 years ago

    Did that in a cooking class in high school about 10 years ago lol, scar has pretty much completely faded now
  9. Kieran

    Getting bigger

    Gigantic mate, gj
  10. Kieran

    VARDY's intro

    Welcome Vardy is an FPL legend
  11. Kieran

    Why does this happen to me

    sad bsers
  12. Kieran

    Canny Pk intro

    I reckon you'll be alright to do that, welcome mate
  13. Kieran

    Garrett's Intro

    Remember your name from when I had a spy in Venom haha, welcome mate!