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  1. Aight Bet

    Not even a full sentence, pity. Does my intellect make you feel small, perhaps? Or are you simpletons always so defensive? Perhaps its an evolutionary adaptation meant to curtail criticism. All of you poo-slinging chum gather together and hurl downvotes at my astute observation. Though, if enough people agree it must be true, right? I must be a fool? Ha, if only. I am mentally superior than the lot of you combined. Your collective brain capacity couldn’t contest even 5% of my capabilities. But alas, I digress, wondering why I’d even think you incapacitated stew of stupidity could even stand to reason with the likes of me.
  2. Top 5 Pure Clans of all time?

    MM FOE Fi/EoP TLP CP not too far behind TLP, suppose E get an honourable mention too

    Rooting for Eagles but hard to look past another Patriots superbowl
  4. Sport Injuries

    Ankle and rotator cuff
  5. Sly waffle for l3ader

    Literally cringed
  6. Best thing i've heard/seen

    Pentatonix are hella talented
  7. favourite pkers back in the day!?

    Purple 0wnz, Elvemage, r u normal, I Pk Mods I
  8. Inners Practice

  9. @Lumpykins and @Codi at the same time, I would bring a knife and stab them in the genitals
  10. favourite sports?

    Football, american football, MMA
  11. 200 gold ore isn't even worth that much bro