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  1. Lets Be Real

    L0l treating me as some 3rd world leak when I do nothing but feed info that other clans would exploit is a very good reasoning for leaving. Clearly I'm not trusted. You must be retarded.
  2. Lets Be Real

    This. The reason for this is because somebody leaked our 1st Piles in the prep. Whisky being his overdramatic, idiomatic self muted me 2nd round so I couldn't even hear, after sitting me, then sat me 3rd round. Sitting is no big deal. But in the 1 round I was in, I helped drop the first pile then I saw Holydreams next to me. When I saw Holydreams next to me I focused and camped him for about 30 seconds and he dropped early into the fight taking him out of the prep and making it difficult to call the war. Me feeling disrespected and now feeling like an untrustworthy person to the Fatality community because of this bullshit, after I have proven myself innocent, have decided to leave since these are the kind of allegations that are being brought against me. Imagine thinking so low of someone to think that they would leak piles to a clan in a P2p Clan Wars Prep. After proving myself innocent Whisky used the two excuses that he muted the wrong person and that I got sat twice because I was ags speccing random people when I was the one that told him that I sniped one person. He never caught it. And I only specced one person. Disgusted, I chose to leave because clearly I'm not trusted and don't want to feel untrustworthy in a community with the long reputation of otherwise. To my loves @Lee @Brian | Sly Waffle @Kenny keep on keeping on and I wish you guys the best of luck. With that said I still do believe Fatality has the most potential of upcoming clans they just need to boost the numbers behind their madness. L8r mates.
  3. Few more f2p kills.

  4. These Sex Dolls Are Getting Out Of Hand....

    I'd be in there like swimwear
  5. nmz

    My lad @amenti1 <3
  6. 12.27 PK TRIP

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