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  1. Starting to question if you really are the best brid in here mayn. Come prove it slut 

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    2. Peng


      @Marcus you on crack again?

    3. Marcus


      yes tktktktktktkktktktktktkttktktktktkktt 

    4. King____Bee


      lol the game is dogshit and clanning is worse 

  2. King____Bee

    State Your honest opinion about other Members in the clan

    I'll ddos you @Peng
  3. King____Bee

    OSRS Mobile

    no excuses to miss trips now haha
  4. King____Bee


    no it's because my credit score is almost 800
  5. King____Bee


    I think its so funny when these rappers talk about money when I guarantee I can get a bank loan faster than 99.9% of them
  6. King____Bee

    Daily Gainz

    necketh thyself
  7. King____Bee

    Dream Cars?

    yeah thats most likely my next car. they have my trim (trailhawk) as a 2018 TRACKHAWK. Hellcat engine, 707 hp...ridiculous
  8. King____Bee

    Dream Cars?

    I'll get it by 35 or 40ish
  9. King____Bee

    Who is the best in FI ?

    Quiet down black, you just piped up on a runescape forum / I'd try to give him some advice on life but I think it's too late forum. Listen when it comes to writing lines black jons get mollywopped, karate chopped, until his body stops / and if that don't work I'll lift more chrome than a body shop / - You are not as hot, so I'd advise that you forfeit, because this is something you aren't fit for / and you'd still be 6 under even if you were 6'4 / - This poor, non white, uneducated rodent really tryna build up his street cred / like he said, you'll find him and his friends in the street dead - Just eat lead, I'm on the move I don't know how he's looking at me still / I know his race fasts but the only time they're first is when they're in line for a free meal. This house nigga never had pussy, you prolly bust in your own socks / and that line in the verse he had about clutchin the pipe was about @Tyrone 's cock. / Even though our president hates you you still can't trump me / I'll be smoking cigars with him in the white house making you dance monkey.
  10. King____Bee

    Who is the best in FI ?

    Listen I'm hammered. But I can still type. When it comes to actual bars there are not many people in the world that can keep up with me. That's because I'm top tier, people around me can't speak words that capture crowds like I do. Have any of you here actually been on stage making a crowd rock? No. Pipe down. I make people not be able to name one. Not a single one. Blacks fear me because of my god tier vocabulary. They went to urban schools. Listen, I'm nearly blacked out, the only thing on my mind is the fact that my bar tab was just 450 dollars. That's annoying, and the same amount as my car payment. 90 dollar tip? suck me. I'm in my apartment right now (I've lived here since I was 19) and it's time to throat fuck anyone that pipes up to the lord and savior King Bee. Whatever you say doesn't effect me. Why? The watch on my wrist costs more than your fathers vehicle. I piss on low tier non whites. How does it feel as a non white to have a top tier white take your music and do it better than your favorite rapper? Feels great for me btw. I'm blacked out atm and the brightness of my screen is hurting my face. Btw, name one faggot, you can't.
  11. King____Bee

    50 Farming & 1475 Total

    careful bro, the leaders of your mmo guild might revoke your talk power/kick you out of their mmo guild for making jokes like that
  12. King____Bee


    Quiet Jewsuo
  13. King____Bee

    King Bee's Bully Crew Strikes Again

    Dude wanted to rematch me after what I did to him the first time \\