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  1. Doxing


    Back after a year leave. Time to finish what I started.
  2. Doxing


    Oh hey. I bought gp from you .
  3. Doxing

    Chewby's Intro

    I like this kid.
  4. <22:36:39> "maxedjackal": If this song is fire MF is #1 p2p



  5. Hop on ts to play some curve/tagpro 

  6. Doxing

    Ironman plans

    Goodluck bro.
  7. Pm me on site if your selling gp ty. ( not alot less then 75m )

  8. Doxing

    Tagpro champs have returned

    I'm pretty sure I've beaten you only once back 2 years ago. When it was CP vs FI. You gotta make the return
  9. Doxing

    Tagpro champs have returned

    Kawhi Leonard
  10. Be sure to chill in ts yo. Recruiting, Playing Tagpro, and Curvefever chilling. Always lit.

  11. Myself and worried who is banned rip <23:20:09> "#Team Worried|arch": Hen why you acting like ping will make a difference in the score i will strike but i'll represent him. smoked codi, kenny and henry. ez champs, we have returned. Attend the Tagpro/Curve events late night est boys. TS always lit , be sure to check if we are chilling in the channel playing some fun games. <23:11:00> "BUYING 25M": whats ur name on ts <23:11:02> "BUYING 25M": i mean <23:11:07> "#Team Worried|arch": ts? <23:11:09> "BUYING 25M": site <23:11:15> "#Team Worried|arch": i think im bannedl ol <23:11:18> "BUYING 25M": l0000l <23:11:19> "#Team Worried|arch": :L <23:11:20> "BUYING 25M": im tryna tag u <23:11:24> "#Team Worried|arch": try
  12. Missed you @Tyrone

    1. Tyrone


      We need the dj akademiks of sharkbrew back

    2. Doxing



  13. Doxing

    Yo misfits