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  1. Yo misfits

  2. Let's Play Tagpro | Episode 1

    Hey guys, new series and fresh start to my channel. With the recent cancer, I've decided to take a break from RS and play tagpro/curve/Toowntown/Town Of Salem Leave a like, means alot and get better
  3. I need your help :D

    I need 10 top tier pure clans, i have 8 rn but i need 2 more. give me your top 10 clans of all time , no order and they have to have been open for 1+ year this is for my l8 night vid, ty <3
  4. watch the vid and leave a comment saying what you think the top 10 pure clans of all time should be and what rivalries should i watch first
  5. What's New On The Brew? Episode 1

    If you laugh atleast once, leave a like. S/o to you guys actually being supportive of changing the community. idgi
  6. Who is this nigga?

    I said 57! I was 10 off, I got the 7 right noob!
  7. Who is this nigga?

    little vid about me, whats new on the brew ep 1 comes out tonight gonna make you guys laugh trust
  8. Hey, it's me. A Black cringe lord trying to do something positive for the community. I've gotten so bored of simply playing the game and warring, I decided to do more. I want to create a brand for the community and everybody in it. By supporting this movement, I'll help you guys get Camtasia for free and free GFX to start your own brand. If you ever wanted to take your videos or even start your own brand, I can get you started for free. The pure community has sharkbrew. But who then prioritizes our voice? Who speaks to jagex or the Runescape community overall and says hey, the pure community, Is pretty fucking big. I want Jagex and all players, Pure or not to make a pure, and see where we are coming from and what it's like. I'll be devoting myself, with daily uploads of reaction videos from old videos/speeches/wars, Daily uploads with a series called what's new on the brew and more. 75% of you are gonna be like cringe.... But the other 25% that want to see the community grow and get what YOU want and also get free gfx and brown sticky stuff lmfao, Support it! Watch this video, Leave a like and sub. Thanks
  9. 3v3 | 60M POT Tagpro #CHAMPS

    they scammed me
  10. 3v3 | 60M POT Tagpro #CHAMPS

  11. Throated 4-0'd

    they r probably better then u guys