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  1. Dennis

    beep bop

    damn gratz get those overload
  2. Dennis

    sup men

    yo @Chris x i hope we can battle again!!!!!!
  3. Dennis


    i will plant some spies in misfits, misfits wil die!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i love this account and the name of this account
  5. Dennis

    fuck misfits

    yo bro @Cain
  6. Dennis

    96 Ranged

    stfu lol
  7. Dennis

    96 Ranged

    can u kys tyt
  8. shit tank josh lol i thought u were guud
  9. selling fi coins euro only pm me

  10. Dennis

    Leadership Promotions

    when you comming back son
  11. Dennis

    Weekly questions - Week 1

    @Josh is 35
  12. Dennis

    owning couck

    https://i.imgur.com/7T3MriP.gif i had so many pictures but all gona