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  1. P22


    close the thread.
  2. yeh who the fuck dickticks think he is? This guy some kinda troll or what
  3. Hey guys, It's me P2/P_2 just checking in, haven't visited forums in a very very long time. Anyway I've been coming to more recent trips as ex-fi , been on atleast 7-10 trips the last 3months. I had to go inactive because of deployment but will be back in the states soon. I'll be getting back into Fatality fully and getting my new pure P_2 maxed, still working on it from when we moved from hpc to true lpc. Just letting y'all know I'm alive, and can't wait to continue clanning with everyone. I miss my home wife, kids,dogs,desktop,internet,& of course destroying other clans with you guys. I see familiar faces everyday and it's good to see y'all in game. I'm mostly on my ironman (Iron D-a-s-h) you guys probably see a lot in the cc. See you guys around! -P2
  4. MY nigga @Yxngkillaa hope to hear you get back on your feet soon brotha! Don't let shit hold ya back either just learn from recent hack. Cya out there man!
  5. This is serious matter guys.... someone inside Jagex doesn't like blacks
  6. Ignore the name... I don't actually do that.
  8. Found this while mining some limestones on my ironman and i skipped the dialogue too quick but I swear i saw the word SniggerNigger Any thoughts? Should I forward this over to CNN or MSNBC to further the racist divide? I'm sorry to all fellow members who are from the African bloodline. This is just further proof of Jagex is being controlled by the man Hitler himself who resides in the hollow earth with the tall grays. Reporting from World369 Inside Runescape -P2
  9. P22

    pk vid 29

    good shit, crazy loots. how many days of vid did this take? what clan is that the high lvls u pk with?
  10. http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/c=M6u932-SH-k/forums.ws?322,323,213,65946200 post on it idea to rollback 250xp w 30day cooldown muss be lower than 5 stat.
  11. I wish jagex had a option to lock pvp exp or lock a stat.... Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sucks man
  12. I use to be in redemption I left Rd and app'd Fi but got killed in a fall in lol they thought i was a spy or some shit when all I wanted was to be with a better clan... Fi was the ones I looked up to.
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