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  1. Satans


    Cheers lads!!
  2. Satans


    I. Who introduced you to Fatality? maffiajeff6 or something haha, dunno if you remember but I posted on the main RuneScape forums looking for a clan when I returned to RS end of 16'/start of 17' Came to a few HPC trips before ya moved down, highlight was KOing another lpc pure with the whole clan watching lmao, also: Couck Kenny Andre II. Do you plan on joining Fatality? Maybe, depends on CD re-opening III. What is your current RuneScape Name? S4tans IV. What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? lpc -CD, EoP xlpc -Outburst, Fearless, Noxious, Divine V. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Finished, staying 1666 total VI. Anything else you'd like to add? Kinda over this game but a solid +1 when I show up
  3. Satans

    Who is better

    Probs New Caledonia or one of the other South Pacific Islands, Rarotonga maybe, Aus and NZ are both dope You're deluded if you think America is the best place to live lmfao
  4. uVermin/yVermin, stay out of our cc lmfao, I know times are tough but that's sinking low

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    2. Couck
    3. Anqi
    4. Satans


      Kicked him on uVermin account cause he was pm'ing ppl in cc to join Fi, then joined on an alt and said this lmfao
      "Fatality cc for #1 pure clan"
      "You mad"
      Any pussy wanna own up lol

  5. @Juicy stop being autistic on Sharkbrew retard, I don't think u could handle CD on top of Misfits

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    2. 0bbyx


      You're Aussie ping will even out the fact juicy is Dutch

    3. Josh
    4. Lumpykins


      Juicy has the iq of a watermelon

  6. You guys shudda done CP prep., they fucking trash

    We just 3-0d them, lost 3 opts in Rd1+2  and let newbies play Rd3 and still won :P

    Sup and Doom gunna die tomorrow heh

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    2. Airborne


      I think it was just a matter of principal 

    3. Marcus


      cp is shit, we stood up for the pure community when they brought def-accounts. we know we can fuck em up any day

  7. Satans


    Welcome bro, nice memory lol
  8. Satans

    2 Step Dads - Introduction

  9. Satans

    Str Lv | Pk Video 18 | Ignite

    Damn bro, real nice vid tbh
  10. Satans

    TwlnGlockx Intro

    Welcome bro! You're right about Sf being garbage lol, rip them
  11. Satans


    Welcome bro
  12. Satans

    ~ 90 ~

    Damn bro, nice account
  13. Satans

    gz me

    Oohh get that slay son I like 69ing
  14. Satans

    94 mage #ice cube

    13 Reasons Why, new series that just came out on Netflix