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  1. Kq adventures and another chain

    Ur doing a full task of KQ? If so, respect lmao
  2. Welcome To Our New Forums

    Mooiste forums die een clan ooit gehad heeft. Gefeliciteerd met je leader rank @Couck weet niet hoelang je hem al hebt maar toch Wrs tot over een jaar maar weer als ik weeris kom lurken. Doe de rest maar de groeten xx
  3. Chillin

    Im not going to click ur link. yeah is a known phising site which automatically downloads stuff on ur pc and freezes your mouse from cancelling the downloads. lmfao grow up and get some brains
  4. Chillin Also this ^
  5. Game of Thrones Season 6: Trailer

    I was so retarded that I started these series 2 months ago thinking it was already a finished one :{ Now I have to wait for months every time lolo
  6. 99

    someone ban this random
  7. First one ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Aaron, how are you?
  8. New Leader of Foe

    ur sig needs an upd8
  9. Memphis Depay Signs for Manchester United

    get outta here? 25m poundS????????????????

    If this brings back my boy Wolvinnie, yeah
  11. When u were a noob

    I mahatma I
  12. I guess you can call it good luck :)

    hope u get hacked again
  13. Look what I found @@KFC @@Heismberg
  14. 1/3000 Drop :<

  15. About time

    gr6 job