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  1. Corrupt a Wish.

    granted but you have to listen to prince's kids scream in discord instead. i wish airborne could win an ely stake
  2. Corrupt a Wish.

    granted but he can't talk. i wish @Bday could have a meal other than hotdogs
  3. 60 / attack / MM done

    ay gratz my dude!
  4. Yellow cape clans all have brain damage i swear lmao

    piss colored for a reason
  5. Toe Sucking

  6. big ass rat taking a shower

    what the fuck did i just watch
  7. btw

    big dude big gz
  8. Sunday - 60 Green Men Gwas Clans.

    indeed was a good trip!!
  9. Structure Augmentation!

  10. Baby pure atm

    damn looks like a fun acc!
  11. S/o to Kenny for all those bonds

    lmfaooooooo god bless
  12. Finally finished

    damn gratz dude
  13. Leadership Promotions

    Big things happening here in fatality! Gratz boys, very well deserved!
  14. progress

    gz dude big af, mage grind incoming?