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  1. Fuh My Life

    Saturday - Dicking Legacy Down 15.

    Imagine only being able to fight us when you're up 15, lmfao shitters.
  2. Fuh My Life

    Dear Disabled Main Clan Users

    Dear Legacy, You've fucked up. Sincerely, The clan that will bury you.
  3. LY dogshit clan got bullied today, same tomorrow.


    P2P Sunday
    2 Pm EST
    6 Pm GMT

  4. Fuh My Life


    martin 🤩
  5. Fuh My Life

    wow 91 running

    grats kimmy you big skiller man
  6. Fuh My Life

    Funny Feeling

    damn gratz martin!
  7. Big weekend trips coming! Be online boys!

  8. Fuh My Life

    Hey FI

    Hey welcome back man!
  9. Fuh My Life

    Harry's Spring questionnaire

    Harry's 2019 spring Questionnaire: Do you eat fried bologna sandwiches? nah only bday eats bologna Do you bite your toe nails? nigga wtf i cant even reach my feet with my teeth Do you eat spam? (fried or unfriend) fried with shells n cheese Do you listen to hip hop? if it aint honkey i dont like it Do you have street cred (be honest you nerd white mf) ask jons Do you pronounce salmon with the L? (saLmon or samen) samen Do you like jack Daniels? if not do you drink any whiskey? no whiskey for me Do you like beer? what kind? michelob Do you like President Trump? yehyeh How often do you get your dick sucked? (if you say yes i am allowed to downgrade your answer if i think yo dick dry and you lyin) once a month Do you like Guns? yes Do you think owning a AR-15 is acceptable? yes Do you like runescape? nah just spend all my days on this game Do you like fishing? sometimes Do you like hunting? don't do it often If someone hit you up 30 minutes before a trip and asked if you wanna come drink would you go drink or make an excuse and go to trip? trip first always Do you drink Sweet Tea? if you drink unsweet you're going to hell Do you like college football? which team if yes? war eagle baby do you watch mlb baseball? which team if yes? na Do you say "nigga"? nigga pls of the following which will you listen to until death? Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Gorilla zoe, Pastor troy, T.I. , Lil Boosie, Juvenile, Plies, Three Six Mafia, Yo Gotti, 50 cent none id rather cut my ears off
  10. Fuh My Life

    FI = Family

    Hey ddos!
  11. Fuh My Life


  12. Fuh My Life

    A Hero's Return.

    totally worth the Nintendo ds. Welcome back conway
  13. Fuh My Life


    agreed fk pex
  14. WOW did someone say F2P saturday?? 
    Well BE ONLINE!
    2 Pm EST
    6 Pm GMT


  15. Fuh My Life

    Make Fi Great Again

    lol sweet gfx! welcome man.