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  1. Fuh My Life

    Fatality's Scimitar Saturday

    Ty for clean action, Vendetta!
  2. On this fine Saturday afternoon Fatality massed up 35 Pure Elites. Ready to head out into the unknown wilderness and do battle with any clans who would dare compete with us! For our first fight of the day Apex defended inside of East Bandits. We rushed in despite being down 7 opts. We held our ground cycling back and forth inside the east hut. After a few minutes of battle Apex overpowered us with their opt advantage and we dipped out. Next we had a fight setup with Vendetta inside of Barbarian Village. As we defended Envy rushed in and a massive return fight pursued. We instantly began cycling and banging out Envy member's left and right. 1 minute in and we hadn't lost a single person. Soon after Vendetta rushed in so we pulled east and began cycling between both clans. With some of the quickest returning possible we maintained a high opt advantage for the entire fight. The fight moved from one end of Barbarian Village to the other. Misfit rats attempted to snipe our returners with 5 people at the single line ( LOL SHITFITS ). Apex then crashed and we dipped West with a solid victory. After waiting on Envy to rush us for almost 15 minutes we were walking to singles when we heard Vendetta had hit them. We quickly hopped over and rushed the fight. As we rushed Apex did as well. We pulled toward hill's choke and began bowing. With Apex having an opt advantage we sniped them from the back as they focused some main clan in green capes. We then rushed Apex's remaining numbers with our scims out banging them faster than when I bang Kenny's sister. Eventually Envy re-rushed and we pulled north to gain opts. Envy then dipped to singles instead of losing another return fight! Thanks to all that came out! UPLOADING
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  4. Fuh My Life


    id fuck him
  5. Fuh My Life

    A whole new world

    a world i shall never visit
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    gang gang was fun shit boys!
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    me n my gang

    damn sweet vid!
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    Marko's Intro

    Hey welcome back to Runescape!
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    iron prog 2

    nice man!
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    New forum emoticon!

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    Some recent drops

    looks like bank was made!
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    Yo yo yo platypus in the house

    are you a real platypus or no?
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    Welcome man!