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  1. How bad do you want it? Will you go the extra mile for your clan mates? Will you let them down, or will you prove to everyone why you're a fucking big dick green niggah.

    Show up to events, keep improving. Every single one of you matter.

    1. Maxed Jackal
    2. Sensat1ons


      this is very cringing. U are playing a java based game not finding a cure for cancer my dude. I will lead us to victory by offering 1 bil to whoever recruits 100 people in 1 month

  2. Fuh My Life

    X Hakai X

    Hey bro! Was happy to see you pk with us last night! Hope to see you apply soon.
  3. Fuh My Life

    Blackguardpk intro

    Hey welcome bro! We have a massive pk squad as well as a bunch of guys who fun brid constantly! Glad to have you here
  4. Fuh My Life

    A few forum updates

    Thanks for all that you do man!
  5. Great weekend full of action! Be on the look out for random events during this next week!

  6. Fuh My Life

    efficiency and stuff

    gratty cookster!
  7. Fuh My Life

    Mini Promotions

    Big congrats to everyone! Keep stepping up, everything you do is noticed by the ranks!
  8. Fi winning! Thanks to all who showed up!
  9. Fuh My Life

    master slayer pk 420

    big loots btw
  10. Fuh My Life

    How to recover a locked account ?

    If its an bought account the odds are definitely against you. Just do your best with an appeal or tweet Jafex
  11. Fuh My Life


    ez for fi
  12. Fuh My Life

    Why we lose preps

    @Schwedenyour agility is high enough please refrain from this
  13. Fuh My Life

    Intro v2