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  1. loot from 6 weeks of playing runescape

    big gratters!
  2. Couck Appreciation Topic

    pipe down cuck
  3. Couck Appreciation Topic

    couck has always recognized me as the not useless kenny and i respek it
  4. Marcus vs. Relay Bot

    ➄ Marcus - Today at 7:00 AM marcus is ruling this channel once again
  5. Been a while.

    hey wsuo, come back to usssss
  6. A Wild Skotos Appeared..

  7. Loot from 500 Zulus

    not some bad loots!
  8. Farmtality btw

    big man big like
  9. Email from Bill Gates

    gz big money be sure to send social # and bank acc info so you can receive faster!
  10. Fatality GFX.

    damn those are some sick new gfx!