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  1. Turny Ownz


    interesting account bro
  2. Turny Ownz

    Making 20m in 1 Hour

    1.2m Risk set up and tough to beat might I add
  3. Turny Ownz

    50m NMZ points gets you :

    i think the buckets of sand or w/e could make u 10x more or more herb boxes if you had the patience haha
  4. Turny Ownz

    damn near prep ready at this point

    good shit man nice milestone
  5. Turny Ownz

    yeah lol that way

    God bless America
  6. forum activity only going down since the dancing faggot appeared all over the site.................

  7. Turny Ownz


    God bless Texas
  8. Turny Ownz

    Fatality vs Apex P2P Fun Fight | 11/18/2018

    i was next to u in the beggining owning nerds gotta pray meele matthew
  9. Turny Ownz

    Update on my account

    i guess i should make a pure too
  10. Turny Ownz


    I risk my pride and dignity for every fight I engage in, and in that sense, I am always down for a risk fight. Welcome sir
  11. Turny Ownz


    very nice and very cute irl