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  1. Turny Ownz

    I thought eop would win this for sure

    Lol I woulda thought the same
  2. Turny Ownz

    Misfits hype topic wow!!!

    if my leader seriously called me a bee or a wasp I'd fucking leave immediately
  3. I wonder how many yellow capes and rune scims I'll have after this l0l

  4. Summer is definitely here for Fatality

  5. Turny Ownz

    and log..

    next months rent coming in clutch
  6. Turny Ownz

    big pure

    wow dynamic 10/10
  7. Turny Ownz


    nice job sunday drive
  8. Turny Ownz

    Hit F2p Again

    This Supremacy member beat me a few days ago, I gave him rematches despite some disrespectful messages. Funny how I K0 him once and he logs out Ty for the 100k back And of course slaying all the randos
  9. Turny Ownz

    New Sig Btw

    trust yo momma
  10. Turny Ownz

    Hi I'm Jeremy

    That 61 attack story sounds like a painful one :[ Welcome dude hope to see you around
  11. Turny Ownz

    They Grow Up So Fast :,(

  12. Turny Ownz

    yall thought i was gone 100 more lets go

    very nice account
  13. Turny Ownz

    Old Mates

    sup dude
  14. Turny Ownz

    big nranger man coming up

    looks good to me