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  1. Hey Guy's, This is Turny's Mom

    in more simple times. i know way too many people here right now that I didn't know last year, who the fuck are yalllllll speech coulda been better but she was a good sport and was such a fun day
  2. Savage goals

    what is? ;o
  3. Petality btw

    256k? jesus. go buy some lottery tickets
  4. f2p inners??

    wait, you're saying that you guys DON'T do f2p inners???
  5. What the actual fuck. V2

    1k kill count for me and no visage yet.... Nice man
  6. I think some of the darker skinned members of the clan like to post ridiculous topics just to show how low their IQ's really are
  7. watch out for this guy Lmfao!!!

    300000 IQ with this guy
  8. Close call, but good job Fatality
  9. Processing...Please Wait

    nice i think im gonna get pray up soon
  10. ayy

    Very very cool. 90+ stats always feel good
  11. dooH niboR

    10/10 nice job
  12. new cape

    nice job
  13. No one cares to tell me about this shit?

    natural selection