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  1. Black People Cotton LOOL

    lmao XD
  2. P2P Pk Trip 3/12

    hell of a trip
  3. tzhaars arent so bad :(

  4. fuck yeah

    good shit bro
  5. Marwan spitting some fire

  6. tzhaars arent so bad :(

    aprox 160k with barrage no pots
  7. tzhaars arent so bad :(

    barraging im getting around 160k per hour lol
  8. tzhaars arent so bad :(

    i cant do dust devils bc i dont wanna grind slayer and i forgot i cantget back to ape atoll XD
  9. tzhaars arent so bad :(

    im going insane boys haha
  10. big pks :D:D

    free bond baby
  11. xgrx + whisky massive tank

    sick lol, i think you have barrows under ur robes though..
  12. New day - New Smite :P

    share i tb'd
  13. 3.4 P2P PK TRIP - PICS

    night out with the boys