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  1. 5 kc btw

    Bring Blood Barrage.
  2. 5 kc btw

    Why the fuck are you taking guthans?? Ask myself or @Freryd2lumby on how to do DKS.
  3. big woots

    Less time training non combat stats, more time training strength/hp. Gratz though mate.
  4. Fishing for compliments

    Shit main
  5. you think kenny would eat this

    Too much pork on it.
  6. Miner Man v2

    Good shit mate, gratz.
  7. old chubs intro

    G'day man, welcome back to the forums
  8. I'm Fucking Done.

    Gratz nerd.
  9. Whipz's intro

    G'day mate, welcome to the fourms.
  10. Ok story time

  11. Farmtality

    Fuck you everyone who has the pet.
  12. Culli intro

    Howdy gamer.