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  1. Irish


    Nice botted RC
  2. Irish

    buying 61-75 thieve

    Do it yourself you lazy flog.
  3. Irish

    Dead clan #1 teamspeak leak #16

    If they gained a member every time he said fuck at the end there, they might be able to fight back.
  4. Irish

    King Couck Claims Edgeville

    In Couck we trust.
  5. Irish

    AFL footy. #Nightshift

    Tigers to win it all #Back2Back.
  6. I'd probs go fly a kite or remind @Freryd2lumby what having hair feels like.
  7. Irish

    Helloooooo itte me!

  8. Irish

    Promotions !!

    Gratz all
  9. What the fizzle did i just wake up to?

  10. Irish

    Today's laugh

    makes me want to go train pures at sancrabs to flame them.
  11. Irish

    Intro Post

    G'day man, welcome.
  12. Irish

    Exilent Snipe List