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  1. incoming rng #2

    Very nice
  2. 5k

    that's rad.
  3. I am the best

    LOL GGnoRE
  4. Farmtality like its 2010

    Fuck it i'll get my farming up on my pure aswell then.
  5. Ah yes the grind is almost over

    Gratz and nice RSN.
  6. The road to TITAN

    Ahhh yes gratz.
  7. These Sex Dolls Are Getting Out Of Hand....

    i'd tap that.
  8. 98 hp + more post count

  9. 18

    Gratz man
  10. 99

    You sir are crazy as fuck, big gratters
  11. new project :D

  12. Done and dusted.

    You wanna pay for it
  13. Luring btw

    Yeah I remember that shit from years ago.