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  1. Nick


  2. Nick


    ur supposed to be nice
  3. <09:42:29> "[Marwan] Vatos Marwan": every prep king bee comes too we lose

  4. Nick

    FUN AF SUNDAY TRIP 9/10/17

    @Acid did you get ts audio too? you know mafia pays more for audio right
  5. Nick


    lol nice clan u fucking moron l0l0l0l ruin pulled 12 and fucking sucked in the mpc/hpc scene l0l0l
  6. @Acid your down lol?? wtf

    1. Josh


      Hope you go through with your avatar

    2. Acid
  7. Nick

    How did you find out about Fi?

    someone told me that I'll get 20m if I attend the events provided I live stream my pov to them
  8. Nick

    Calling All Aussies

    lmao come to falls u fucks
  9. Nick

    Gonna say sorry

    dw this @Whisky guy has bugged me for 5 months+