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  1. Gains

  2. @Marwan

    ur supposed to be nice
  3. FUN AF SUNDAY TRIP 9/10/17

    @Acid did you get ts audio too? you know mafia pays more for audio right
  4. ty

    lol nice clan u fucking moron l0l0l0l ruin pulled 12 and fucking sucked in the mpc/hpc scene l0l0l
  5. How did you find out about Fi?

    someone told me that I'll get 20m if I attend the events provided I live stream my pov to them
  6. Calling All Aussies

    lmao come to falls u fucks
  7. Gonna say sorry

    dw this @Whisky guy has bugged me for 5 months+
  8. easy

    get off the bottom lmfao @Couck