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  1. My Zulrah luck! #Nightshift

    On ya Ash!
  2. 99 Attack

    My man, Gratz!
  3. Halp

    What's up bro, Thanks for intro'ing to our Forums. Feel free to post around! What do you do now that you're maxed? Skill/Raid/PK?
  4. Next project

    I got some on my Youtube Channel. The AGS PK, few smites and so on.
  5. AEST Nightshift Weekly Event ~ Thursday

    If I finish work early Im there!!!

    @Schweden this was sick! @Tyrone can we get this on YouTube.
  7. Zulrah pet Grind continues. My fastest kill!

    Nice Ash, you are smashing through the KC! Good luck with it bro!
  8. Dan (best pure nz) intro

    Bruh, they say 99% of the time Dan is really not the man, but I believe you are the 1%. Please can we spec out your sh*t Mentor @Irish
  9. hey

    What's good Fib.
  10. when you remember couck used to mage

    Actually @Couck is a or should I say was a solid Mager. He just went to the dark side and ranged.

    Fought down opts and brought the fight to them! This is why I'm Fi!

    The boys, clearing kids on a weekly basis.
  13. @Elve what time stamp is that LOL ?
  14. Fi James big runescape day

    The one guy who makes me laugh just by talking LOL!
  15. 12 Years Strong!

    When Supreme Ownage was no more, a band of brothers saw an opportunity for something more. Alas, Fatality was brought into existence by Charles, James and Trx Despair on May 9th 2006. Since then, Fatality has played a crucial role in shaping the pure clanning community. Since then, Fatality has set standards well above the rival clans and furthermore set records that still stand to this day. 12 Years have since passed and like the founding fathers the brotherhood not only remains but is flourishing. Yes, faces have changed, members and friends come and gone and the game itself has changed, but Fatality an ever changing and adapting brotherhood has overcome all challenges and obstacles. No clan has endured the same adversity as Fatality and remained standing. Each and every one of us, past and present have played a crucial role in shaping Fatality’s history, present and ultimately its future. As members we have each built this empire from the ground up, this is strongly evident through two aspects – our illustrious history and all we have accomplished and our ability to endure hardships, many clans fall unable to change and adapt and prosper. Nonetheless, here we are standing tall 12 years strong because of you. History is being made. On May 19th and 20th we celebrate this grand achievement. Two trips to bring to life once more with over a decade of memories. Together, old and new - our greatest achievement as a clan. So, here we are, 12 years a clan, 12 years a family, 12 years a brotherhood and 12 year Fatality. Fatality forever Post below your favorite memory while being in Fatality!