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  1. Pk Brideo

    You out play them!
  2. Petality

  3. Can't stop, won't stop!
  4. Well done boys!!! @Elve love the topic @Matt4 Love the new GFX!
  5. hai

    @Mallomar I've locked this topic and you'll hear from me soon enough mate.
  6. LEAKED! Ninos and John Co-Leader Meeting from 2010

    Well, I'd love to say this is fake but it's true, pretty much how it went, word for word.
  7. Unbanning Mallomar

    In all seriousness, I'd need to see you have changed your old ways. You were quite disruptive in the clan once before. If I remember correctly, you did have an outburst when we were running 'Trust The Process' phase and asked to keep training, this was asked of rest of the clan too. Furthermore, when we had events where your attitude towards attending some was sub-par too. So, if I'm not mistaken, back to the second sentence of my reply here, I'd need to see you have genuinely improved for me to consider letting you back in Fatality.
  8. God Bless Freryd2lumby v2

    I know @Crabsthe disrespect is reel.
  9. P2P Pk Trip 3/12

    [Ninos]Freryd2lumby: If you didn't have 99 magic you missed your chance ➇ DDOS VICTIM: ^ LOL
  10. God Bless Freryd2lumby v2

  11. 26 btw

    Happy birthday bro!
  12. Got my halo + long term goals

    Congrats on the halo! That'd be a pretty strong build for that CB
  13. A very smooth and enjoyable trip!
  14. God Bless Freryd2lumby

    Really feeling the love, gentlemen. I was tapping my foot along to this, I won't lie.
  15. 99 & pet