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    Little REVS Trip

    We Peaked at around 13 for a nice night out, oo yea and it rained +1s. Pictures below PICS BELOW
  2. Magic

    Harry's Spring questionnaire

    Harry's 2019 spring Questionnaire: Do you eat fried bologna sandwiches? yes Do you bite your toe nails? np Do you eat spam? (fried or unfriend) no Do you listen to hip hop? yes Do you have street cred (be honest you nerd white mf) yes Do you pronounce salmon with the L? (saLmon or samen) L Do you like jack Daniels? if not do you drink any whiskey? I don't really like alcohol too much but sure jack daniels taste like all the other sht itl do Do you like beer? what kind? meh bud light platinum my favorite Do you like President Trump? yea sure good guy How often do you get your dick sucked? (if you say yes i am allowed to downgrade your answer if i think yo dick dry and you lyin) it depends, but lately once every couple months Do you like Guns? yea sure bam bam Do you think owning a AR-15 is acceptable? only if your name is Henry Do you like runescape? Yes Do you like fishing? Meh its afk skill so I guess Do you like hunting? no shits aids but nice pet If someone hit you up 30 minutes before a trip and asked if you wanna come drink would you go drink or make an excuse and go to trip? trip retard Do you drink Sweet Tea? no Do you like college football? which team if yes? no do you watch mlb baseball? which team if yes? no Do you say "nigga"? yes of the following which will you listen to until death? Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Gorilla zoe, Pastor troy, T.I. , Lil Boosie, Juvenile, Plies, Three Six Mafia, Yo Gotti, 50 cent 50 cent
  3. Magic

    Little REVS Trip

  4. Magic

    Little REVS Trip

    picked up tomb of fire off floor lmfao
  5. P 2 P  S U N D A Y  F O R  T H E  G U Y Z

    2  E S T  / /  6  G M T

  6. Magic

    Hey y'all

  7. Magic


    master race #obby season
  8. not2be carried u
  9. ahahah yess!!!! Happy Obby season Fatality its litty again!
  10. going all the way up haaaa
  11. #itshere #obbyseason #canufeelit #ironmandead #tistheseason 

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      real shit fuck the ironmens

  12. Magic


    tbt at 240 kc main sniped me
  13. Magic


    Congratulations to all you noobs who won an award. Thanks to everyone who voted! Shoutout to the noobs below for winning their respective rewards!!! Big shoutout to @Izad for making these awards! Combat: Best Mager: @XGRX & @Davey Best N Ranger: @Tyendinaga Best Pker: @Leathy + @Elve Biggest 1 Bang: @V1ce Best Mini Warrer: @leathy Best Caller P2P: @Lee Best Caller F2P: @Tyendinaga Best Tank: @Kenny Personality Nicest Member/Rank: @V1ce Funniest member/Rank: @Luciferm8 Biggest Troll: @Maxed Jackal@anq @goth@robbyy @tim Biggest Hype Man: @Kenny Smartest: @couck Favorites and Potential Best member: @juicy Favorite newcomer: @phi @cookymoney Favorite Advanced member: @preggo Favorite Elite: @Anqi Favorite Veteran: @Maxed Jackal Favorite Elder: @Misterr Fred+ @steezy Favorite Officer: @Roman Favorite Legend/Advisor: @Davey & @Maffiajef6 Favorite foreigner: @Luciferm8 Favorite Rank: @kenny Most Potential: @jackal Best Scout: @nottobe Media & Activity Best GFXer: @robbyy Best Vidder: @tyen Most Active: @magic Community Nicest Account: @Cookie Most Dedicated/Loyal: @couck Best Skiller: @Cookie Biggest No Life: @Cookie Most Likely to be gay: @couck + @sean Biggest Bromance: @V1ce+ @jackal Best Looking Irl: Jax wait I mean @Pex Most helpful: @Maffiajef6 Most Respected: Josh
  14. who has my ranger boots ? rip

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      You dun goofed

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      tyrone took them and paid for his 1 week travel card gg fam

  15. On This Sunday Fatality set out for some action in the P2P Wilderness. 65 Fatalians entered the wilderness ready to take down anything in our way. As usual Fatality had hours of action taking down clans such as Intense Redemption, Legacy, Supremacy, and more! Fatality vs Intese Redemption + World To start our trip we decided to throw hands 1 v 1 vs IR. After a quick 1-2 minutes of clean action IR's numbers began to dwindle... Luckily for them Foe, Supremacy, Legacy, and more crashed causing a massive cluster at GDZ. This was a common theme of the trip. Fatality had to constantly start the action, and constantly had to defend itself from multiple clans. Luckily for Fatality Guthix was shining down upon us, allowing us to slam clans like SU, LY, IR, and more all within a single fight/bank. Fatality vs Legacy Fast forward a couple fights, and Fatality found itself sparkling under the bright sun rays of the p2p wilderness. For reasons unknown Legacy truly believed they had what it takes to fight the Green Beast in a clean 1v1 fight. Fatality continued to slap Legacy silly, clearing them without losing any opts. For the last hit of the trip, Legacy asked us for a fight. We went to defend and they ran away to the desert. We could of ended there, but out of principle and curiosity we followed them to the desert into a pvp world. There we cut threw Hydra and discouraged Legacys moral, ending their trip with a slaughter. Fatality emerges victories and confused why Legacy ever decided to pipe up. GF LY (I guess). IN CONCLUSION It was a great day to be in Fatality. We fought together, held our ground, and cleared any clan in our way. FI=Family great day to bleed green ! TYENDINAGA:
  16. Magic

    1 more level to go woo

    @Craig I believe 83, u can always pot up +5
  17. Magic

    1 more level to go woo

    poke me on ts I show u the obby mansion ! @Craig
  18. Magic

    What should I do with this trash acc?

    turn it into obby pure