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  1. Going away for 10 days see everyone soon

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    2. Pex


      dont partake in any killing of palestinians

    3. Kenny


      have fun Jew

    4. Steezy


      may the Zohan be with you

  2. l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l
  3. Magic

    med lvl down thank you for ags

    lololol gf tytytyttytytytty teamwork wins !
  4. Magic

    Killing in Revs EZ LOOTS

    was fun!
  5. Magic

    Killing in Revs EZ LOOTS

    Massed up a little over 10 green warriors today and hit the Rev caves, Smited a coupled +1s, killed some shitty teams/clans, and had a good time chiln with the boys ; ) Another great day to bleed green PICS BELOW
  6. Magic

    Rev Cave Stroll

    ez loot ; )
  7. Magic

    Rev Cave Stroll

    Today we massed 10+ pures and went on a stroll threw the rev caves. Bank Loot was made, Fatality wins everyone else died! Another great day to bleed green PICS BELOW
  8. Magic

    Henry starting 2019 with A LOSS

    lol this wasn't even me...
  9. On this day, Fatality massed up 15 + pures and destroyed everything in the Wilderness! Many shit teams and clans were out, none really put up a decent fight. We ran around letting our nuts hang like complete savages and bangbangskeetskeeted all over the Rev Caves. Thanks for the ppls who showed up and dominated. Another great day to bleed green PICS BELOW
  10. Magic


    grats on your 69 jack
  11. Magic

    2 more weeee

    2 more weeks until u don't get a pet lel