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  1. Magic

    [Sponsored] Nightmare Zone Services!

    Glad to see your back doing services!
  2. Magic

    [Sponsored] Nightmare Zone Services!

    Fully trusted got me 99 str on obby pure. Was quick to !
  3. Magic

    Idol / Zach P (Re-Intro)

    Did I hear obby pure ?
  4. Magic

    first raid drop! :)

  5. Magic

    Feels atm

    insert baby here
  6. Magic

    If you could only have 1...

    dick with strawberry
  7. I buy you some spaghetti pizza and send u a bottle of chicken soda
  8. they lasted longer then expected gf ly
  9. Magic

    Are you SERIOUSLY killing Legacy by yourself???

    lolo u pro at this
  10. Magic

    Quick rev trip ends in big loot!

    two spec two kill