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  1. Magic

    Did you ever think about the fact...

    l000l THANK YOU BRIAN I needed to know this
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    Thursday - Rev Caves Feast.

    lmfaoooo some lootations
  3. nice action FI #1 active pure clan 2018 ez
  4. On This Sunday Fatality set out for some action in the P2P Wilderness. 67 Fatalians entered the wilderness ready to flex their nuts on the pure community. As usual Fatality had hours of action taking down clans such a Supremacy, Misfit, FOE, Apex and more! Fatality vs Supremacy  To start our trip we decided to throw hands 1 v 1 vs Supremacy. After a quick 1-2 minutes of clean action Supremacy's numbers began to dwindle... Luckily for them Foe and Ir crashed at the same time and they teled out, Fatality later did the same. Fatality vs Misfits Im not sure if you can consider this a real fight, but Misfits will still try to claim a win so I will include it anyway! While waiting for clans to step up and fight we decided to hunt down Misfits. They wouldn't leave singles so we logged in and sent them to Lumbridge and edge quicker then Kenny busting a nut. YES RUN RATS RUN! Fatality vs Apex Next we got Apex to agree to a fight east boneyard. Knowing dam well two clans Foe and Misfits couldn't do anything besides crash today... We potted up and began to slam apex. Shortly after as expected Foe and Misfits crashed. This did not stop Fatality from dominating as we pulled north east and began to slam three clans at once. Fatality vs Supremacy + FOE After a quick bank Fatality ventured east bandit camp for a fight vs Supremacy. After literally 8 seconds of fighting Final crashing elite logged in. We instantly focused on Foe and quickly dropped many of them before more crashers arrived and we teled out. Fatality vs World ( - ir and eop) For the rest of the trip Fatality stomped around a large terrain of the wilderness starting from fog and pushed to Ca, Corp, Ghost hut and Sperm. This was the longest fight of the trip, allowing Fatality to clear clans like Apex, Foe, MF and Su.
  5. Magic

    Misfits "gwass" Fatality

    dam misfits suck rofl
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    The Only Thing Couck Loves More than Feet

    80+ ON SUNDAY FTW@@@
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    im coming for your bnecks @magic

    omg u sexy sexy man, let me know if u need any help training ; ) OBBY SEASON FTW !!!!