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  1. NICE
  2. grats bro big level!
  3. That accs looking sexy gonna make it a range tank? GRATS!
  4. EZ win for juicy! Haha
  5. Gucci flip flops!
  6. Loool always one step ahead
  7. You see boys, Misfits right now is climbing a shit rope. They are trying to hold the rope tighter and tighter, but their hands keep sliding down with the shit. The harder they try the quicker they will fall down the shit rope. I believe most of them know this, but when your climbing the shit rope it's hard to see with all the flying shit everywhere. This Sunday Fatality will strangle Misfits with this shit rope. We will take their Sod's and ballistas with smiles on our faces, and leave them to ponder in their pool of shit. If anyone is unclear or has any questions about Misfits shit clan.... I mean Misfits shit rope lmk!