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  1. getting closerrrrrrr
  2. Double

    bad ass
  3. Massive Gains

    you're outa control man gratz
  4. More gains 70 COMBAT!!!!!

    sick dude i'm closing in on 70 cmb myself lol
  5. Progress

    thanks for the support fellas
  6. Progress

    quests done, mage done, now just gotta work on range and melee
  7. Almost there.

    Damn dude so close to maxed 1 def. get that shit. badass acc
  8. Progress

  9. Progress

    thanks pals
  10. Progress

    well fuck you i can't get the picture to work it's 94 magic though
  11. Progress

    Now that i got that out of the way....
  12. Smithing Mastery - 16/23

    damn man gratz
  13. <3 lvl ^

    very nice
  14. A sad story

    hour commute fuck that shit....especially when you make it for nothing feel for you
  15. Thursday Pk Trip

    should be on for this