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  1. DarKyWarKy


    I came cuz Stigi asked me to. Welcome to the forums <3
  2. England bringing it home... 4th place <3

  3. DarKyWarKy

    Former Misfits member speaks out!

    kid: "You're not recording this, are you?" Kenny: "I'm on my phone, bro." Love how you didn't say no, lol.
  4. Hi my loves. 

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    2. Sensat1ons
    3. goth


      go back to ur hole

    4. DarKyWarKy


      8 hours ago, Leathy said:

      go back to ur hole

      so rude :(

  5. Happy Anniversary <3

  6. DarKyWarKy

    need help

    Click on the drop down arrow on your name at top right, click account settings, 5th item down after that will say signature. copy paste the image link there. It needs to be bbc code.
  7. DarKyWarKy

    [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    Big congrats to everyone!
  8. DarKyWarKy

    Intro - Word Truth

    Welcome to our forums, hope to see you around!
  9. DarKyWarKy

    Hell Yak

  10. DarKyWarKy

    23. 2018 Max Caper LMFAO

    Very impressive. Congrats, brother, I'm glad you were able to achieve your goal.
  11. DarKyWarKy

    IR Monkas for 29M

    Just a whale coming up for air
  12. DarKyWarKy

    hi wag1

    Welcome to our forums.