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  1. Big now

    Holy moly
  2. I Was Drinking While I Made This

    I crack up watching your vids bro. Top notch commentary lol. I see me at 9:16 btw lol
  3. easy for me

    very nice
  4. Where does your state rank?
  5. Small stream clip vid before new vid

  6. This is actually fuckin lit

    This is actually pretty damn good haha. Lots of my favorite songs. This man has talent.
  7. There's always one clan in the community like this. Good job for taking the torch, Misfits.
  8. yep still here

    My warlord!
  9. Would you rather....

    Cure a blind person.
  10. Darky Poetry

    Jons is a god, I'm human, im flawed. I wish i was as great as him so till then, I'll write these hymms I walk in the shadow of the valley of death Tho i fear no evil, cuz Jons is the best. He's our protector he'll keep us safe When I'm a liability he'll carry the weight.
  11. Darky Poetry

    This turned nasty, I'm DG, i'm classy. Why you gotta be so rude, and give us attitude. Talk to the hand, and talk to the palm just know that DDOS head game is bomb. He'll suck you off and right to completion like the cape plus i heard he fucks like an ape or was that jons? i'll write you songs ill hold ur hand while kenny buys you bonds.
  12. Darky Poetry

    Dear Leathy, I love you dearly, You quit our clan, but came back quickly. My heart is full, knowing you're here So let me make one thing clear. I love you forever, my bestest friend if you ever quit again I'll make u "say hello to my 'lil friend." Don't leave us now, don't leave us ever, If you try that again I'll lure ur ass at the edge lever.
  13. Darky Poetry

    I am writing poetry to all of my loved ones in Fatality. If you'd like me to write you a beautiful poem just comment and let me know. I dedicate this one to a very special friend of mine, @DDOS Roses are red, darky is green, im so glad that ddos is on the team. She's not a side hoe, shes my main chick, i hope shes ready for this darky dick. Where ever you are, wherever you'll be, just know that my love will set you free. I believe in you, i believe in us, i believe in god, but finding you was luck.
  14. Yee boy.

    Nice! I hope it doesn't collect dust in your bank like mine.