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  1. 23. 2018 Max Caper LMFAO

    Impressive to say the least
  2. [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    Sick promos - can’t wait to see where this rank team is going to take Fatality. Very able group of guys
  3. [Part 1] Spring Promos 2018

    Awkward my name wasn’t on there, but big grats guys
  4. This is actually fuckin lit

    Hell ya #yeeehawww

    Go get them tiger
  6. Saturday - F2P Slugfest FT. AAO

    Very nice! Was fun action
  7. Clean ass topic @Elve looked fun boys lets keep it up
  8. drums or flats ?

    Yeah I’m going with flats. If you know what your doing you get more meat and they are easy to eat
  9. To the Ranks / Elders

    As an elder I am keeping track of your attendance. Please do not miss ever again. Thanks - airborne
  10. We r killers

    Poor fish
  11. this why i hate anime

    School shooters watch anime
  12. Damn looked like a fun little trip. See you boys tomorrow
  13. Florida High School Shooting Near My House

    hang em' high