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  1. 12/10 Free Loot Pk Trip

    Didn't get any pics on this autistic computer ive been playing on, but was a lit trip while I was there. Gratz FI lasted several hours long
  2. Ironman btw pt. 4

    grats on ironman
  3. Not too shabby for not doing f2p in months
  4. S/o to jons

  5. Quick Preview of Fall 2017 Awards!

    Hell ya fatality on a budget this season lol
  6. f2p inners??

    sounds good. I need to dust off my rune scim its been awhile
  7. Titan god

    grats rich.
  8. 1 more HP lvl for the F2P Disciple

    If you actually think Marwan is actually good at F2p...
  9. SlayerBoy

    closing in on it man
  10. much wow 2

    big mager boy
  11. Didn't Trust the Process Enough

    nothing but respect for that grind
  12. Legends Vs Elders

    @Marcus who you gonna have on the elder team?