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  1. Airborne

    9/2 Cave Cleared.

    ty for writing up topic @Pyxius was a fun trip
  2. Not2B is next level tactician
  3. Airborne


    everyone who replied or agreed with Paddy you are now dismissed from this clan. Thank you for your service
  4. Airborne

    Fi vs Foe (30 second fight)

    We legit have the best scouts in the business. Great call @NOT2bFKedWIT
  5. Airborne

    Who would win?

    Ah well probably the baboon then
  6. Airborne

    Who would win?

  7. Airborne

    Who would win?

    Honey badger don’t give a fuck
  8. Airborne


    I’ve done more for this clan in those 2 weeks than you have your entire life in Fatality
  9. Airborne

    ez 4M

    Very nice
  10. Airborne

    Killer's Intro

    Welcome man
  11. Airborne

    8/29 Cave Adventure

    Thank you @Pyxius for stepping up tonight and @XGRXfor scouting as always. You guys are the real MVPs! Lots of loot was made @Elveyou missed out bud, but we don’t take nights off