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  1. Airborne

    whats good yall boys

    Welcome to the crew
  2. Airborne

    Fi v FoE big mini 2-0

    Very nice
  3. Airborne

    Malo intro

    Welcome amigo!
  4. Airborne

    RAGE Prep 3-0

    Big owners
  5. Airborne

    Reverse Sweeping FOE

    Very nice
  6. Airborne

    Fatality vs. Rage P2P Prep [3-0]

    Just the beginning
  7. Airborne

    fi vs fs p2p pkri (tber pov)

    @NOT2bFKedWITI just dig your POVs your a wilderness animal. Ty for posting
  8. Airborne

    fi vs fs p2p pkri (tber pov)

    @Nativepretty sure you were dead most of the fight so I had to call 😘
  9. Airborne


    Hey Ping! Looking forward to meeting you.
  10. Airborne

    Fatality pk Video?

    Do it homes
  11. Airborne

    Back on the grind

    Finish maxing big dog
  12. Airborne

    fi vs fs pkri

    @NOT2bFKedWITdid you get your POV loaded?
  13. Airborne


    Keep chugging along
  14. Airborne

    fi vs fs pkri

    Man that was fun clean action
  15. Airborne

    Whats good from shmoser

    Hey Luke, welcome to our forums! We have a very active community from clan wars events, organized pk run ins vs other clans and pk trips in general. Looking forward to see you in the TeamSpeak soon getting to know some of our members. Hope you find a home in Fatality!