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  1. Level 71 Logs into 2k Total world!

    get 60 attack pleb
  2. Baby pure progres

    solid work buddy why not sand crabs?
  3. Demi-God Status.

    ganggang homie
  4. made them look like amatures
  5. anyone bursted 99 mage recently?

    need it to be done a hell of a lot quicker
  6. just wondering how much it costs from 75 - 94 roughly? also how many runes roughly should I be getting
  7. Hacked </3

    fuck man, I had the same thing happen to me. get back on the horse and grind brother! you got this
  8. range levels

    any legit chinning slaves? need a price on 92-99 I supply chins and pots working too much to grind atm inquire within XD
  9. :pppp

    big gzz brother
  10. I thought buckets of sand or seaweed was better?
  11. I love Reddit.

    shots fired!
  12. how do you name change?

    thinking about ditching the 75 attack nofuk and maining nofuk jr going to get it from 50 - 60 attack if i do and chin/burst 99 range&mage asap
  13. 99 Slayer

    Holy hamburgers congrats brother! thats so sexual man whats the next goal? gains is life