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  1. fc done :P

    @Rigo for President
  2. Im back baby!

    Some may know ive had such a hard time decided which account to play.. think its safe to say ive decided to play my 75 attk acc I'm backkkk better than ever
  3. anyone interested

    Looking for someone trusted (prefer rank ) to burst/chin for me will supply everything and yeah let me know how much you charge ect. cheers
  4. Now We're Getting Serious

    gz broo get 99 hp
  5. Caelee's Introduction

    ighhttt gurrrllll
  6. Caelee's Introduction

    welcome brother hope you enjoy your stay and find what you are looking for if you need nything feel free to ask
  7. First attempt

    that was good to watch make more
  8. Help

    don't use osbuddy use konduit if you want the plug ins and use runeloader for pking imo
  9. going old school this weekend.

    inc 20 def
  10. drums or flats ?

    flats every day homie
  11. JD iz me app

    welcome back to the forums brother, let us know if you need help with anything lad enjoy your stay <3
  12. Pk Clips

    gang shit
  13. adam1

    welcome to the greatest forum known to man/lady if you need any help with anything feel free to ask brother enjoy your stay lad
  14. Only true OG's remember

    I got a little willy I put it in my bum
  15. Bursting Dust Devils.