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  1. Whatever dude

    Ely on kraken
  2. Dear PVMers

  3. Summoning osrs?

    I did at the end before eoc 🙄
  4. Toe Sucking

    god no
  5. 1st one

    Aika ruma
  6. Leadership Promotions

    Looking hella good. Good to see you back @Rich
  7. tf is this

    I hacked our forums
  8. I rebuilt my bank couple months ago and got bored of rs so I quit and later on decided to stake everything (1b ish) cuz I gave no fucks about the gp and ofc I lost everything so basically I got no plans to start playing again
  9. A couple things.

    Google punisher skull
  10. What supplements do you take

    Whey and creatine
  11. Bank pic

  12. 2 more