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  1. 50B Gold Sink

    Lmfao, RIP
  2. Magics Castle War Service

    Ya, I'm going to need this soon
  3. 69 Based God

    Is an account like that actually effective in raids?
  4. Was worth it <3

    Very nice, I'm going to steal your design
  5. sulphur the magician

    Nice work man, 4 more to go
  6. Free loots. GJ FI, good to see the crashes failing lmfao
  7. Need Salve Amulet (e)

    Is the mini-quest done already?
  8. 2 lvls to go

    Nice work man, keep it up!
  9. Crvo Strong Magician

    Grats, stay on the grind brother!
  10. Selling GP

    Fuck, imma hit you up soon. gonna need like 150
  11. training still, helping fatality btw

    Get that Titan rank!
  12. At fucking last.

    I swear i got killed like 50 times trying to do this..