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  1. Just got Halo and Top. Great service, worked around my schedule. Can't wait for the next 2 services to be done for me
  2. Pyxius

    had a fun day with my new bmx bike;)

    Nice, glad the bike is treating you well 😁
  3. Pyxius

    P2P PK Trip - 11-08-19

    @Sonic Shark pm me on disc tomorrow, I'll try and help you with your settings. The quality is where it should be, but it should not be lagging like that. I have a feeling you may have missed something
  4. Pyxius

    The homie Adam NOT pleased

    I really wish this 20 def thing wouldn't happen again...
  5. Pyxius


    Real friendly
  6. Pyxius

    Maffia P2p Trip Pov

    @Phi nope, and @Maffiajef6 is too fucking stubborn to upgrade from Sony Vegas 9. He's been pming the entire time though
  7. Very fucking nice work lads, sorry I missed it
  8. Pyxius

    YAY or NAY

    Bring a looting bag
  9. Pyxius

    Dev's Sunday POV

    Nice pov, but next time crop out the runelite bars
  10. mp4 is video, you dont want a video file for your songs
  11. I usually do YouTube to MP3, you can edit the quality in vegas
  12. They don't have to, it'll still help. If people find their recordings are great quality, but they turn shitty after editing this would help the same way
  13. Half ass effort = Half ass results