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  1. NMZ Grinding

    Curious how much 80-99 range and 80-90 str would cost me. i dont have alot of time to play anymore, im considering slaving this out...
  2. Hello Tangleroot :)

    you lucky fucker. totally jelly
  3. [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    Congrats everyone. Well deserved
  4. eyyyy

    Finally got around to making a new pure. idk if i should stay 50 atack with the new granite weapons they made, or just go to standard 60. ill most likely use it for clanning mostly. also want to be able to edge pk well too. Thoughts? ill be joining in like a month after i get the 90's
  5. Need a quester.

    So, the offer is 100m to get my account all quested. What i need is DT, Mith gloves, Ancient mace and all other required quests associated to them. The account has 8 quest points atm, so you're starting from the ground. The reason the price is so high is because you will also have to get all the stats for the quests as well. Basically, i dont wanna look at the account till its done questing. If you're my guy, pm me. The account is named "Jestxr" so you can see what youre starting from. If it makes your life easier, feel free to get 43 prayer on it too. The account has like 20m on it now, should be enough for the gear to do the quests, if you need more, lmk
  6. 50B Gold Sink

    Lmfao, RIP
  7. Magics Castle War Service

    Ya, I'm going to need this soon
  8. 69 Based God

    Is an account like that actually effective in raids?
  9. Was worth it <3

    Very nice, I'm going to steal your design
  10. sulphur the magician

    Nice work man, 4 more to go
  11. Free loots. GJ FI, good to see the crashes failing lmfao
  12. Need Salve Amulet (e)

    Is the mini-quest done already?
  13. 2 lvls to go

    Nice work man, keep it up!