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  1. Pyxius

    2,000 kc btw

    whats the rate for pet?
  2. Pyxius


    lol, yes
  3. Pyxius

    rip rng

    Didnt even know pures could kill him. neat
  4. Pyxius


    do we let 20 def in clan?
  5. Pyxius

    Free 1 Week OSRS Trial

    lol, it never gave me that option... fuck...
  6. Pyxius


    God damn, these forums are looking clean af, very nice work @Josh if this is still you doing it. haven't been on these in months and its looking better than ever... Hello Fatality
  7. @jons was #8 on this list, @Airborne is in the shot too been a while since i was on here, so idk if this was posted, or how to insert vids, but ya... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rTwOUSgNPs
  8. Pyxius

    NHL Playoffs

    Title says it all, who you got? I'm betting on vegas. Least favourite in the run is pittsburg, fuck them and their triple
  9. Pyxius

    Queen Leticia Bufoni

    Ill take her r8 over her body. she has a sick fuckin whip!
  10. Pyxius

    What would you rather have?

    I'll take that sexy black stainless oven, homes
  11. Pyxius

    missing runeloader already...

    idk what runeloader is..
  12. Pyxius


    thought that was the irl name?
  13. Pyxius

    Cooking up the f2p Sauce.

    nice man
  14. Pyxius

    NMZ Grinding

    Curious how much 80-99 range and 80-90 str would cost me. i dont have alot of time to play anymore, im considering slaving this out...