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  1. Pyxius

    a new beginning

    Never done wintertodt. might give it a try some time
  2. Pyxius


    Lol, wtf happened?
  3. Pyxius

    Feeling sixteen

    Nice lol, its a good milestone
  4. Finally, no more wasted money on scales. Shit pic, i kinda missed it, but yeah, its 99
  5. Pyxius

    Fatality sunday trip ft rage/ly/foe

    Thanks for vidding
  6. Eyyy, my video made it to Fatality Cinema and home page. I'm green with pride :D

  7. Pyxius

    LILBAND1T intro

  8. Pyxius

    My Fatality tattoos

    Where did this guy come from? WTF
  9. First time binding on a f2p trip. Feel like a caught a few crucial binds during this. Also feel like i got a pretty solid video too. Nice work guys. That fight at the end had excellent returns, we never dipped below 20 warriors, and we held our ground the entire time. I'm very happy with how todays trip went. This is why I'm FI.
  10. Great trip Vid coming soon
  11. Great POv Man One small note though, while youre uploading your videos to youtube, put yt:crop=16:9 in the tags section. It will fix the black bars along the sides of your video. Other than that, great job. Loke the return at bandits where you just banged out 4 mighty specs. was mad
  12. Pyxius


    Welcome, I see you in CC, good to have someone from way back still know about us
  13. Pyxius

    How did your name/alias come about?

    Funny story, I dated a girl for a while, who was big into language. Basically, it means im a lawful sadist. The real translation turns into "Right Sadist". She used to call me it because I like things to be a bit... rough, and kinky. At the same time, I wouldn't do anything to hurt anyone and I'm otherwise a gentleman in all aspects. So yeah, been rocking this name forever.... Surprise! to everyone who had no clue lol
  14. Pyxius

    What do you do for work?

    I was a construction supervisor, now I'm an intelligence operator for the Canadian Forces, working towards my cyber op career.