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  1. Stella


    grats brother
  2. Stella

    Ok, now i'm rly back

  3. Stella

    Ok, now i'm rly back

    Appreciate it brothers
  4. Stella

    Ok, now i'm rly back

    ty ty ty
  5. Stella

    Ok, now i'm rly back

    no u
  6. Stella


  7. Stella

    Ok, now i'm rly back

    What's up bitches
  8. Stella

    Am back maybe

    Am back on RS. Hello there
  9. I need a new pure, after what happened with my last pure. I don't really have the time to do any of the training or questing so I'm obviously willing to pay GP to whoever can quest and train a pure for me from scratch.
  10. Stella

    iHardcore's GP Shop

    Big vouch for my boy @iHardcore
  11. Stella

    99 range :D

  12. Stella

    New emoticon

    that lil nigga really bought two bonds to snipe my username too lol
  13. Stella

    New emoticon

    I should have changed my password. Totally didn't even think about it. lol
  14. Stella

    New emoticon

    i'm fucking dead lmfao
  15. Stella

    99 Magic