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  1. Stella


    I've been good bro. Busy with life. Trying to get back into runescape when I'm bored. I finally got actual wifi so I'll be on a bit more. Hey buddy!! Old timers unite
  2. Stella


    Hello Fatality How ya'll doing
  3. Appreciate it brothers
  4. Am back on RS. Hello there
  5. I need a new pure, after what happened with my last pure. I don't really have the time to do any of the training or questing so I'm obviously willing to pay GP to whoever can quest and train a pure for me from scratch.
  6. Big vouch for my boy @iHardcore
  7. Stella

    New emoticon

    that lil nigga really bought two bonds to snipe my username too lol
  8. Stella

    New emoticon

    I should have changed my password. Totally didn't even think about it. lol
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