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  1. Biggest PK so far

  2. NBA Playoffs Round 1

    pels in 4 baby
  3. lvl100 Slayer

    =] You'll be there soon!
  4. lvl100 Slayer

    Niace. I did the same when I got bored of getting 2k total. Just went back to slay for a bit... Hence why 16m slay xp aka #1 Slay xp for 75 attk pure in osrs
  5. 22-55 slayer

    What gear you got?
  6. welcome to f2p bees
  7. ~ New Era

  8. FS Rats Go LPC! L M F A O!

    lalo closed eop
  9. FS Rats Go LPC! L M F A O!

    At the rank meeting about a week and a half ago, Tyler asked his leaders / legends , I'm going to close EoP if no one else takes the reigns. Debb responds: No, just close it. LALO (FS RAT LEADER): no, close it, I'll quit. O N E W E E K LATER FEARLESSS GOES TO LPC AND LOOK WHO'S STILL LEADING FUCKING LALO AND JAMZ WINS QUOTE of THE WEEK FOR THIS Jamz thoughts on EoP Closing for this reason: Jamz - Today at 8:27 PM EOP LITERALLY RUNS BY ITSELF ANY FUCKING MORON CAN RUN IT L00L bro thats just retarded man
  10. New Cape, New me.