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    Football, Clubbing, peekaying some noobs
  1. recent lvls

    doing work man! im going to catch up with you soon!
  2. 60 attack

    watchatalkingbout? dlong..?
  3. 60 attack

    Oh yea, forgot that one, finished it already thx though (:
  4. 60 attack

    Whatsup, i have got a question about the quests you should finish before getting 60 attack (so i don't end up with 61 attack later on cuz i forgot any quests with attack xp as reward) So far my attack level is 45 and i have finished: The grand tree Tree gnome villige Mountain daughter Vampire slayer Waterfallquest any remaining essential quests with attack xp as reward? please let me know! (:
  5. I Love Staking

    making bank! ;D
  6. #1

    good stats fo far! (:
  7. We're Back

    looking forward to peekay with ya'll again (: