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    (edit; completely missed the introduction format, sorry!) Hey guys, recently started to play old school runescape for a bit and noticed that fatality is still alive! was very curious if there are many pures around who used to play so decided to make an intro. i joined fatality around 2007 if i remember correctly, along with my friend like m0nk who later became the leader. also saw that frery2lumby is leader now who also used to be a mate of mine (hopefully he remembers). quit runescape around 2011.. switched to some client called battlescape later on cuz i very liked nh briding. i had the names m 0 h78, d scmmy78, and later on Represent_NL. hope to see some old friends come by and later when i hit the requirements to possibly rejoin fatality. some very boring f2p vid of mine uploaded by fatalitycinema:
  2. RepresentNL

    recent lvls

    doing work man! im going to catch up with you soon!
  3. RepresentNL

    call me kev:P

    nice intro, welcome (:
  4. RepresentNL

    60 attack

    watchatalkingbout? dlong..?
  5. RepresentNL

    60 attack

    Oh yea, forgot that one, finished it already thx though (:
  6. RepresentNL

    60 attack

    Whatsup, i have got a question about the quests you should finish before getting 60 attack (so i don't end up with 61 attack later on cuz i forgot any quests with attack xp as reward) So far my attack level is 45 and i have finished: The grand tree Tree gnome villige Mountain daughter Vampire slayer Waterfallquest any remaining essential quests with attack xp as reward? please let me know! (:
  7. RepresentNL

    I Love Staking

    making bank! ;D
  8. RepresentNL


    good stats fo far! (:
  9. RepresentNL

    We're Back

    looking forward to peekay with ya'll again (:
  10. RepresentNL

    Represent_NL - D scmmy78

    cheers guys (:
  11. RepresentNL

    Represent_NL - D scmmy78

    Hey whatsup Fatality members, My name is Dave and i live in Holland (in Groningen for anyone who is familar with holland) and i used to be in Fatality for about 3-4 years ever since FI is around, i quit around 2009 since i could not really be bothered with all the new weapons etc... I went into the Fatality IRC and i noticed like a bunch of new names and since i've lost my old forum account i decided to make a new introduction for the ones who do not know me (yet). I used to carry the rank "Old school" and i used to help Like_M0nk with the clan where i could. I recently came back to runescape like 3-4 weeks ago to try out 07 scape which i really enjoy at the moment so i was like yea i might get in touch with my old clan again since i am in the pure "community". so i hope to get some positive feedback and especially meet some old mates again! (: Current account: http://i291.photobuc...zps546b6f73.png Old account: http://i291.photobuc...t123/100ops.jpg http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/3241/110316173046.png http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/2339/110911204744.png