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  1. Ah yes a clan hopper that has been in fi through 2 slumps
  2. Ar u there

    Finally finished

    Time to own 07 now
  3. Ar u there

    fiend intro

    Glad you joining mate
  4. Ar u there

    Quest Service

    i still quest btw
  5. Ar u there

    53 Theiving

    i normally do 30-53 for 5m, because you basically quest to 30 pm me if you want to work something out
  6. Ar u there

    Quest Service

  7. Ar u there

    roughly how many

  8. Ar u there

    Tag the person

    its litterly impossible unless still use the fi client in 2017, osbuddy/konduit remove the attack options
  9. Ar u there

    help the warlord

    pm me for whatever reason i cant pm you..
  10. Ar u there

    Quest Service

  11. Ar u there


    This is what i did, watched somebody do it and follow the phase thinking what you would do, also using a picture guide helped me
  12. Ar u there

    Quest Service

    i still quest btw
  13. Ar u there

    1 Prayer Fire Cape

    tick eating only got fixed in pvp