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  1. Finally finished

    Time to own 07 now
  2. fiend intro

    Glad you joining mate
  3. Quest Service

    i still quest btw
  4. 53 Theiving

    i normally do 30-53 for 5m, because you basically quest to 30 pm me if you want to work something out
  5. Quest Service

  6. roughly how many

  7. Tag the person

    its litterly impossible unless still use the fi client in 2017, osbuddy/konduit remove the attack options
  8. help the warlord

    pm me for whatever reason i cant pm you..
  9. Quest Service


    This is what i did, watched somebody do it and follow the phase thinking what you would do, also using a picture guide helped me
  11. Quest Service

    i still quest btw
  12. 1 Prayer Fire Cape

    tick eating only got fixed in pvp
  13. Quest Service

    Been doing quests for people in the pure community for years. Since zulrah came out my prices reflect the gp i can make from zulrah, no point questing for 1m and hr when zulrah is 2.5m an hour. This may make my prices higher than the people who slave quests. I may offer discounts for bulk quests. Pm me on forum or irc for prices.
  14. addy glove question

    You can start multiple sub quests at a time it just go start the other part