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  1. The grind continues.. :D

    Grats habibi @Kevo
  2. Hello

    Thanks for the info I might buy some later on
  3. Hello

    I have recently went inactive due to lack of time and exams, now that it's Summer I'm planning to become a member of Fatality again Soon enough, once I regain membership and a decent bank I will apply, but for now I'll be attending only F2P trips. I'll also be there at today's prep Glad to be back <3
  4. 80 Strength

    big boy
  5. 1k pc!!!! well 1001 now

    small <3 @Leathy
  6. The return of the Peng

  7. 2100 post count

    i miss u brother
  8. 2100 post count

    i hate u ;(
  9. 420 $L4Y3R

    Grats habibi
  10. 2100 post count

    hehe i was at 2000 for long so yeah it just felt good
  11. 2100 post count

  12. BEST friends save the forrest