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  1. i got wood

  2. Oops double post wtf

    it was the 94 mage post posted it twice by mistake idk how i love u btw
  3. #4 PurpleBoy

    Grats bb boy
  4. help

  5. help

    who's checkthisbow Must be a youtuber or someone in Fatality the name seems far too familiar
  6. 2K post count

    l0l ye ahha <3
  7. joined the cape club

    and 1999 post count
  8. 97 HP

    double post to reach 1998 post count
  9. 97 HP

    damn brother nice1
  10. Smoke Weed Everyday

    Grats buddy I woke up like 5 minutes ago to browse forums and this appears, yet another 99 missed
  11. Baby almost done

    very nice man, same account build <3