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  1. 50M Range exp :D

    Grats kevo habibi <33
  2. Pet, again

    Damn kevo habibi what is this rng!@!@
  3. End of Conor?

    Bail was 50k lmfao
  4. 5k +2

    Gz habibi!!@!@$#@!$@!$!$
  5. Been a while.

    @Wsuo my brother <333333 I've recently quit rs but good to see you back
  6. 500.00

    k gz \
  7. Unbanning Mallomar

    @Mallomar hey brooo <3 remember me? Welcome back!
  8. Loot pic

    @Jamie_ what the fuck i didnt know this was u bawsin lol nice
  9. big pks :D:D

    lol fk u
  10. big pks :D:D

    Loot within an hour of med level pking there's my bond shoutout to bawsin
  11. New day - New Smite :P

    haha just pked a balli and like 1m extra today, good day i scim koed him btw
  12. Dim still around?

    lick me plz
  13. Dim still around?

  14. Quick +1 At Revs