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  1. BONELESS Services

    Sent you a message mate!
  2. WTB some quests.

    Wanting to buy Fishing contest Shadow of the storm The golem Big chompy bird hunting + the 5 subqeusts for mith gloves The account is a 1 prayer 1 defence pure. Will be able to complete quests easily though. If you're interested in doing this service please poke me on ts or reply here with a price Cheers
  3. Aus life best life

    when ya wake up too early and you gotta watch aerobics before cheeze TV came on
  4. Gainz

    99 prayer pures are groovy, good on you for not following the crowd!
  5. worth noting that you get 3 tickets on the winning team if you cap the flag
  6. Halo + Top 10m

    MASSIVE vouch for this bloke. Got me halo and dec top without hassles.
  7. Castle Wars

    big vouch for @M 12 just did halo and has previously done dec top for me
  8. @Hardc0r3 y0u didn't really count mate, cost me lots though, one account got 99 with bows before the ge though, great profit.
  9. 92 slayer baby

    good stuff mate, fun task to get the level on too!
  10. Riley's Skilling Shop

    I know my vouch won't be worth a whole lot because i'm not a member/rank but I'd just like to say this bloke can grind the fuck out of this game and I couldn't be happier with his service!
  11. 80

    awesome congrats!