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  1. Phil

    Killed eop

    @@Ziqs why is your chat on?
  2. Phil

    Sellin gp

  3. Phil

    97 attack

    gz bro. i see you got that hp lvl too
  4. Phil

    99 RC - Thank you for coming

    congratulations man. good work
  5. Phil

    Tag someone....

    @@Charlie and @@Couck would run a train on her
  6. Phil

    Carsii's Questing Service

    @@Don Carsii hm would you charge for - jungle potion - shilo village - one small favor - creature of fenkenstrain - garden of tranquility - swan song
  7. Phil


  8. Phil

    i need a cape done

    @@Matroos I can do it either late tonight (it's 7:15 here) or on wednesday
  9. Phil

    got this done, ty @phil!

    thanks m8 had to dust off some cobwebs, lol
  10. Phil


    @@andy @@andy @@andy @@andy
  11. Phil


    :) :) :)