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  1. New pk video

    new pk video, all med clips but check it out boys let me know what you think
  2. Buying gp

    Buying gp 0.9 a mil message me on discord or on forums. Locals#2164
  3. BONELESS Services

    how much for mm2 on a med?
  4. MM2

    I need mm2 done on my med. only trusted or people with vouches. pm me here or on discord. Locals#2164
  5. New Nh Pk Video

    yes haha
  6. New Nh Pk Video

    sub to my youtube if you wanna see more of this type of content
  7. New Nh Pk Video

    New hybrid video with all med clips. Some of the clips are sloppy but still getting used to using rigour/augry/piety. Let me know what you guys think
  8. First Pk Video

    ya next vid is gonna have more actual fights. this vid was gonna be like 11 minutes if i kept the actual fights so i just made it a clip dump instead
  9. First Pk Video

    First pk video pure/zerk hybriding kinda was just a clip dump but next video will be better hope you enjoy it boys
  10. ty cp kid for ags

    thanks skunkawk, was ez. fatality wins again
  11. Pk Video 30 - Max pures - D Claws - 50m+ risk

    didnt know you brided man we gotta go singles pking sometime
  12. Acid vs Misfits

    king acid. ily
  13. juan more

    grats fi
  14. w69

    good job recruiting boys. most active lpc
  15. Riley's Skilling Shop

    vouch. got me 53 thiev and did a quest for me for free