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  1. Leon

    got another ironfag 99 fishing

    whats yo going rate for fishing pm, all skills really
  2. Leon

    iHardcore's GP Shop

    vouch hes gud in bed
  3. yeah the boys, on my way to raiding soon
  4. Leon


    wheres my cut for being australian
  5. Leon

    GG 87M

  6. Leon

    sum1 fuk wit me

    what tops that edit found it
  7. Leon


    OK SO, got scammed 1.2b about 4 days ago.... went on to lose the rest of my 500m, had a few ppots and dharok set on my main sold it, got together 12m, since then been staking erryday 100m in gear on my main still too, made multiple other people cash too 150-250m+ to them all lmao selling staking lessons 69k each xo
  8. Leon

    82 CON YO

    probs 82 for now unless i come up more at duel
  9. Leon

    9 to go.

  10. Leon

    is this fair?

    didnt say it was anyone's fault other than my own haha
  11. Leon

    is this fair?

    thx for the ideas
  12. Leon

    is this fair?

    so....borrowed a friends acc to stake on, mid stake sesh where i had 1.2b in my inventory...he recovered/changed the pass it kicked me and i lost my gold been on a downwards spiral since then yay botting flax on the acc til it gets perma'd is this a fair trade? lmao not much else i can do... rsn; mini whea7s pls report
  13. Leon

    Before and After Pictures