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  1. V1ce's FC Services

    good boy <3
  2. 1400 Total

  3. if @iHardcore dont want im ur man but ask hardcore first.
  4. Baby Jr - Fcape service

    i can do it just hit me up when u ready
  5. how dutch people try to bully people

    dutch wins again
  6. how dutch people try to bully people

    still the dutch ppl win cuz u stoped recording faggot
  7. Garble Fire Capes

    GL and why not whit 75rang l..
  8. Baby Jr - Fcape service

  9. Baby Jr - quest service!

  10. Best & Fastest Quester Eu

    im quicker
  11. Let's do this!

    why dont promot me to warchief? lmfoa
  12. Just 1 more...

    aah yessss NINO for President <3
  13. Ah yes

    Like the way u talking to otter ppl in this clan alreedy. ? Naah broo dislik u hope u die