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  1. i DEMAND to know how @Mash got ADVANCED with only 50 ATTACK @Couck @Tim @Garble @Finest @Lee
  2. Misfits ur next on the list

    @Mash adVANCEd
  3. make bow

  4. make bow

  5. make bow

    suck my dick and/or balls LOL @Garble @Finest @Mash @Lee @Tim
  6. ok back to nmz

    @Lee @Tim @Mash @Garble @Finest look at this guy
  7. Bike Lovers?

  8. Savage Fatalian

  9. Happy Birthday Fatality

    fom lol
  10. @lee and all his weeb friends

  11. Anotha juan

    big grat
  12. Boom Pls Ko's Intro

  13. 00111000 00110101

  14. 2 more